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Dewinterize your RV

If you live in a climate where winter temperatures dip well below freezing, you're probably familiar with the chores involved in "winterizing" your RV. Now that the weather is warming up, your thoughts are likely turning to RVing again. Before you hit the road, however, take the time to properly "dewinterize" your vehicle. Below are a few maintenance duties that apply to most RVs.

  • Check hoses and gaskets for cracks and leaks, especially for anything related to propane.
  • Recharge the battery.
  • Test the electrical system and appliances.
  • Check wheel bearings and brakes.
  • Lubricate the suspension system.
  • Inspect propane tanks for cracks and rust.
  • Blow out the burner assembly of propane appliances.
  • Open the hot water heater bypass. Then fill and drain the fresh water tank.
  • Fill the fresh water tank again, start the water pump, and open all faucets until the water runs clear.

Dewinterizing your RV requires only a few hours, but it's often neglected in the excitement of spring. Keep in mind, however, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Careful dewinterizing will help you enjoy a trouble-free and fun-filled season of RVing.

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