RV Setup & Breakdown

Being a little anxious as well as excited about your first time camping with your brand new RV is completely normal for first time RVers. RVs have a lot of moving parts, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep … Continued

RV Terminology

RV terminology can get quite complicated to understand for the beginners of the RVing world. Even in the buying process, you might not know every term the salesman might be talking about. But we are here to help, Bretz RV … Continued

Leave No Trace

The “Leave No Trace” seven principles are a common set of guidelines heard by those who spend a lot of time outdoors. But for those who are new to camping or have not heard of the phrase, it is essential … Continued

Class A Buying Guide

There are many types of RVs made to fit every sort of RVing lifestyle. One of the go-to forms of RVs is the motorhome. Within motorhomes, there are subtypes such as Class A, B, and C. We are going to … Continued

RV Accessory Must-Haves

A major highlight of owning an RV is that for the traveling family, it is their home away from home! Make sure you have the tools and essentials needed in case of an emergency – you never know when one … Continued

Wyoming Roads

Wyoming Scenic Routes Hiking can be great to see the natural beauty of a particular region, but what if you’re not in the mood to hike for hours on end? You’re in luck! The Bretz RV and Marine team have … Continued

Oregons Scenic Roads

Oregon’s Scenic Routes Oregon is widely regarded as one of the most scenic states in the western half of the United States. It is full of some of America’s most spectacular wonders, whether they be natural or manmade. From eastern … Continued

Washington Scenic Roads

There is never a bad time to begin a long, peaceful drive down a scenic Washington State road. Washington state is one of the most beautiful states in the Pacific Northwest (many of the authors of this blog are from … Continued

Questions to ask before RVing with Pets

Questions to ask before RVing with Pets 1. Where will your pets ride when you travel? Vacations in your RV can be vacations for your pet as well, so make sure you are keeping them just as comfortable as you. … Continued

Glacier National Park Campgrounds

Top Campgrounds around Glacier National Park Montana features endless miles of stunning landscapes varying in heights, depths, and colors! The gorgeous scenery stretches all the way from the Missouri River in the east, to the Rockies in the west. As … Continued