What are the Grand Design Travel Trailers?

Spending a few days out in natural surroundings is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries. Using a travel trailer can help you avoid compromising on space and comfort, as they’re easy to set up and come with tons of features and amenities. They’re designed to help you explore nature and then get some rest in a warm and comfortable place. 

Grand Design travel trailers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Keep reading to learn more so you can make an informed decision when buying one.

What Is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is a type of non-motorized recreational vehicle. Unlike motorhomes and other types of motorized RVs, travel trailers require a vehicle to tow them, usually an SUV or pickup truck. This can be a major plus for travelers, as it gives them the flexibility to park their trailers and use their vehicles to explore the surroundings. 

Travel trailers come in a range of sizes and configurations, allowing you to customize yours in a way that perfectly fits you and your companions. This may involve setting up multiple rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, plus other amenities like outdoor dining areas and entertainment systems. 

Camping vs. Travel Trailer

Although some use these terms interchangeably, there are clear differences between camping trailers and travel trailers. If you’re interested in going as deep into the wilderness as you can, a camping trailer may be what you need. It’s typically smaller and lighter than a travel trailer and is a better fit for venturing into remote areas. They provide all necessities for off-grid adventures, including water, electricity, and cargo space, but aren’t usually built for comfort.

Travel trailers, on the other hand, focus on being convenient and comfortable. They’re usually more spacious and offer conditions similar to those in an average home, including large beds, living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. Although their size limits their ability to travel in rough environments, they make up for it by offering a way to enjoy nature in style and luxury.

What Kind of Vehicles Can You Use With a Travel Trailer?

The type of vehicle you need to safely tow a travel trailer largely depends on its size and weight. If you own a large travel trailer that exceeds 5,000 pounds, you’ll need a pickup truck or a large SUV. Some travel trailers are smaller and lighter, meaning that you may be able to use a smaller SUV to tow them. Always check your vehicle’s towing capacity before pairing it with a travel trailer. It’s recommended that you stay under 80% of your vehicle’s towing capacity to be on the safe side.

What Are Some Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Travel Trailer?

Choosing the right configuration and amenities for your travel trailer can help you have amazing outdoor adventures. For instance, if you’re traveling with kids, you may want to consider a bunkhouse travel trailer, featuring bunk beds for them to sleep in. They may also enjoy a spacious living area with an entertainment system to keep them occupied. 

If you value your privacy, a dual-entry travel trailer may suit you, as one of its exterior doors can lead directly into your sleeping area. Travelers who don’t want to compromise on the quality of their meals will enjoy having a fully equipped kitchen with them on their journeys. Grand Design travel trailers come with many floor plan options and feature configurations, helping you customize your travel trailer just the way you want it.

What Class Is a Travel Trailer?

Unlike motorized recreational vehicles, travel trailers aren’t separated into distinct classes. They fit into the towable trailers category. Other examples of trailers that fit into this category are toy haulers, which are similar to travel trailers but also provide space for vehicles like motorbikes and ATVs, and fifth-wheel trailers, which are designed to connect to a pickup truck’s fifth-wheel hitch.

What Is GVWR on a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is the maximum weight it can safely carry, which includes its own weight, plus all passengers, cargo, features, accessories, and anything else. Knowing your travel trailer’s GVWR is essential, as you can subtract the trailer’s weight from it and the resulting number is the maximum amount of additional weight it can hold. Staying below its maximum GVWR and using a vehicle that can safely tow it are two essential elements of a safe journey.

Grand Design Travel Trailer Options

Grand Design offers many travel trailer options and configurations, so you’re sure to find your ideal one. The three main types of Grand Design travel trailers are:

  • Transcend Xplor: These travel trail models are designed to resemble a camping trailer’s ability to venture deep into the great outdoors without compromising on comfort and quality. Their thick aluminum exterior provides excellent insulation while keeping them lightweight enough to work with most pickup trucks and large SUVs.
  • Imagine:¬†This travel trailer series has enough sizes and floor plans to fit every adventurer’s preferences. The smaller ones weigh as little as 3,600 pounds, making them suitable for some midsized SUVs, while the larger ones are truly a home away from home.
  • Reflection: If luxury is a top priority, the Grand Design Reflection is just what you need. Add the Arctic 4-Seasons package and stay warm and cozy regardless of outside temperatures.

Contact Our Team To Set up a Test Drive

Grand Design travel trailers look great on paper but are even better in real life. Here at Bretz RV & Marine, we want all our customers to make informed decisions regarding which travel trailer to buy, and this includes a test drive. After browsing our website and shortlisting a few travel trailers, you can contact our team and set up a test drive to decide which would be best for you and your travel companions.

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