Forget Flying, Get Home This Christmas in an RV

This week is one of the busiest travel seasons. Everywhere you look people will be packing their suitcases, scheduling pet sitters and babysitters and housesitters and every other type of sitter out there, only to head to the airport to … Continued

Life-Saving RV Fire Safety Facts

Safety is first and foremost with everything we do–at least it should be–and that includes RVing.  We are sharing a list of RV Fire Safety facts with you, posted on, that could potentially save your and your passengers’ lives.  The Bretz RV & … Continued

Donut Tour of the Northwest

  With all the prepping, packing, and planning of an RV trip, sometimes you just have to treat yourself while on the road. And is there any better treat than a fresh, warm donut topped with sprinkles? Next time you’re … Continued

Open Range RVs: Your Ticket to Quality

The quality of the RV you vacation in can make a big difference in the quality of your time on the road. That’s the main reason why we offer Open Range RVs. Known for incredible quality, comfort and affordability these … Continued

Make The Most of The Fall RV Season

RVing isn’t typically associated with the fall season, but the truth is you can enjoy your RV throughout the fall season. Oftentimes those who start RVing in the fall do it year after year because the season brings a welcome … Continued