What is the Smallest Grand Design Travel Trailer?

When searching for a travel trailer, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is how much space you need. While large options have obvious advantages, such as the extra interior comfort and cargo space, they’re also more expensive and difficult to maneuver. If you travel light and only bring one or two companions, a small travel trailer can give you the freedom you need.

Despite its relatively short history, Grand Design RV has quickly established itself as one of the top RV makers in the country. Small travel trailers are some of their best-sellers, so if you’re looking for something light and affordable, a Grand Design RV may be the perfect choice. 


Grand Design Imagine XLS

The Imagine XLS is one of Grand Design’s most popular products, mainly because it manages to pack so much in so little space. They weigh as little as 4,500 pounds and combine comfort, well-executed design, and top-quality construction. These are some of the main advantages of the Imagine XLS travel trailer.

A Wide Variety of Smartly Designed Floor Plans

Despite its relatively compact size, Grand Design offers many different floor plans based on your specific needs and preferences. Many include a queen bed at one end and the option to place the bathroom right in the middle. This means the bathroom stands between the bedroom and the living room/kitchen. Having two doors between the sleeping and living areas can be a huge advantage, especially if you and your travel companion like to wake up at different times. Another Grand Design travel trailer that offers this kind of personal space is the Reflection 296RDTS.

Of course, the interior space can be configured in many other ways. Need space for more passengers? You can choose the floor plan with open space, a Murphy bed, and double over double bunk beds. Looking for both passenger space and privacy? Some floor plans have a separate bedroom with a queen bed and double over double bunks on the opposite side. There are no less than 10 floor plans available for the Imagine XLS, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Excellent Exterior Design

The exterior design is equally impressive. Another advantage for those who value privacy is the fact that there are two entry doors, meaning if you choose to place a bedroom on one side, you can be totally separated from the rest of the trailer. RV enthusiasts also appreciate the aluminum folding entry steps. The lack of a front windshield is considered a major plus by most people who have interacted with this outdoor-optimized travel trailer. This is especially true if you place your bedroom in the front and the kitchen in the back.

Well-Equipped Kitchen and Bathroom

The Imagine XLS travel trailer’s kitchen has everything you need to help you cook delicious meals on the go. There’s plenty of storage for all appliances and the designers expertly made use of every single inch of space. The kitchen also has plenty of countertop space. Other travel trailers compromise in this department and make you choose between laying out essential appliances, such as your toaster and coffee maker, and having enough space to cook. The XLS has enough space for both and provides amazing kitchen space for such a small camper.

The bathroom is also impressively large and well-equipped. The space you get is similar to much larger vehicles and includes a 36″-by-26″ shower. It also comes with a retractable shower door that prevents you from getting everything wet while you’re in there. As with every other part of this travel trailer, every area is usable, with plenty of storage space above and underneath the sink.

Smallest Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer

While the Imagine XLS is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact travel trailer, Grand Design also has a smaller model. The Grand Design Imagine Aim is their lightest and most affordable fifth-wheel trailer and is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a camper that can take them far beyond the paved road in total comfort and safety. Its starting weight is just under 3,600 pounds, meaning you don’t need a pickup truck or large SUV to tow it on your journeys. Many SUVs can safely carry that weight.

Another major perk of the Imagine Aim is its excellent insulation system. You no longer have to avoid extremely hot or cold weather when planning your camping trips, as it’s been successfully tested in temperatures from 15 to 100 degrees. This can also significantly increase your range of destination options, as you can travel in both scorching hot deserts and snowy mountain areas. Achieving this level of insulation was possible thanks to its successive layers of fiberglass, plywood, and various composites, which help the trailer retain its interior temperature even in extreme conditions. 

There are four floorplans available, which cover most preferences. They range from 17′ 11″ to 21″ 11″ in length and each can be configured in multiple ways. Even the smallest floorplan can accommodate up to four people, with two sleeping in the queen bed, another in the single bunk, and a fourth person on the modular dinette.

Speak With Our Team of Grand Design Experts if You Have Any Further Questions

Here at Bretz RV & Marine, we’re dedicated to helping you find the ideal Grand Design travel trailer for you and your travel companions. Our team of experts and camping enthusiasts will work with you to assess your requirements and use their experience to make recommendations. Later on, if you ever need to repair or service your travel trailer, our service and parts department is here for you to help get you back on the road in no time. Contact us today or visit us at any of our locations.

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