Class B vs. Class B+ Motorhomes

Driving a motorhome is one of the best ways to experience the freedom of the road without worrying about booking hotels. At Bretz RV & Marine, we offer a great choice of class B motorhomes at our Montana and Idaho locations. When you’re making your decision on which camper van to buy, you might want to know the difference between a class B and a class B+ RV. To help you decide, let’s take a look at Class B vs. Class B+ Motorhomes. 

Class B Motorhomes

What is a Class B Motorhome? 

Two main advantages of a class B camper van are its compact size and everyday drivability. Class B motorhomes are much smaller than a Class A RV. Larger RVs are generally built on a chassis similar to a bus or a large truck. Class B camper vans are constructed on the chassis of a van. They’re usually between 17 and 24 feet long and their width is smaller than other RV classes. The interior amenities of the RV are contained within the van body with no other additional walls, floors, or roofs. 

The driving controls are like those on a standard car or truck making them easy and familiar to drive. In a Class B RV, you can easily navigate city streets and maneuver into smaller parking spots than you could in a Class A motorhome. You can travel pretty much anywhere you want in a class B camper van, and when it’s time for an overnight stop, you have more choices of where to park. You can set up camp in free areas, where it’s allowed, while a busy RV campground will be more likely to find a space for a smaller rig. 

What’s Different with a Class B+ Motorhome?

While a Class B camper van’s amenities are within a standard van body, a Class B+ motorhome is based on a cut-away or chassis cab. The RV manufacturer constructs a custom-built body on the chassis. The cab and controls are the same as those on a class B van, but the dimensions of the living space are bigger. They’re generally between 23 and 25 feet in length, although they can be more than 30 feet long. They’re also significantly wider. 

A class B+ RV offers the same drivability as a class B rig, but its bigger size makes it more difficult to negotiate the city streets and you’ll have less choice of places to park. The biggest advantage of a class B+ rig is that you get much more interior living space and more storage, making them more family-friendly. They also offer more versatility and available features such as slide-outs that give you even more space. 

Class B vs. Class B+ Motorhomes 

Both types of motorhome offer luxurious amenities that make any camping trip a pleasure. Being van-based, many of these vehicles are available with all-wheel drive for when your adventures take you off the beaten path. They also offer many of the safety and driver assistance features you find in cars.  

As discussed, the main difference between a class B camper van and a class B+ RV is the size with the B+ offering much more living space. But there are other considerations. Here are some of the pros and cons of these motorhomes. 

Class B  

The main advantages of a class B RV are its compact size and easy maneuverability, which gives you the freedom to go pretty much anywhere you want and makes it easier to park. A class B motorhome offers better fuel economy. You can expect between 18 and 25 mpg from a class B RV.  

A Class B camper van has some drawbacks, including its compact size. It’s only really suitable for couples or maybe a very small family. You don’t get much storage space, so you’ll have to be careful about what you bring on your trips. You don’t usually have the option of slide-outs to create extra space. Although it might offer some kind of shower facility, a class B motorhome doesn’t always offer a full bathroom. 

Class B motorhomes are for those who enjoy spending time out on the open road. If you like long road trips and sleeping in your van wherever the fancy takes you, a class B camper van might be the right choice for you. 

Class B+  

A class B+ RV can accommodate more people, so they’re more suitable for families or a group of close friends. With more storage space in a class B+ motorhome, you can bring along more of the things you want on your camping adventures.  Most class B+ vans have a bathroom with a standup shower, toilet, sink, and some storage. 

The increased weight of a class B+ camper van means it gives you lower gas mileage than a class B RV, so you’ll be making more visits to the gas station. Its larger size makes it harder to navigate around town and on small roads and you might be more restricted on where you can stop for the night. 

With its extra interior space, a class B+ motorhome offers more comfort. If you like the freedom of the open road but want a roomy living area and more of the amenities of home, choose a Class B+ RV. 

Can You Choose Between Class B vs. Class B+ Motorhomes? 

Undecided which of these motorhomes is for you? Come visit us at our Bretz RV & Marine Montana or Idaho locations for a close look at our inventory of class B and B+ RVs and to schedule a test drive. Our helpful sales team will be happy to show you all the features and amenities these RVs have to offer. Bring along friends or family to test the interior space. When you’re ready to buy, we make the process quick and straightforward. 

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