Going Green in Your RV

If you’ve ever wondered how to reduce your carbon footprint for your next RV trip, guess what: you already are! An internationally recognized consulting firm specializing in tourism and travel knowledge conducted a study with families taking vacations in their … Continued

Seat Belt Laws for RVers

After being asked by many customers what the RV seat belt laws are for Montana and Idaho, we decided to do some research on the subject.  According to “Summary of Vehicle Occupant Protection Laws” by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration in 2007, … Continued

Travel Games for the Kids!

People say that the fun doesn’t REALLY start until you reach your camping destination(s) during your RV adventure…so, it might be expected that the kids are going to get restless until you’re there.  Also, unless you have a motorhome, the … Continued

Life-Saving RV Fire Safety Facts

Safety is first and foremost with everything we do–at least it should be–and that includes RVing.  We are sharing a list of RV Fire Safety facts with you, posted on RVtravel.com, that could potentially save your and your passengers’ lives.  The Bretz RV & … Continued

Digging for Dinosaurs in Montana

Is there any wonder why kids are obsessed dinosaurs? From the massive T-Rexes that left their footprints in the earth to the tiny bird-like Velociraptors who scurried through the bushes, kids love learning and imagining about dinosaurs. If you’ve got … Continued

Idaho from a Hot Air Balloon

When you’re planning an RV trip through Idaho, chances are the list of sights to see will keep your feet firmly on the ground. But if you really want to see Idaho’s diverse and beautiful landscape, then look up to take … Continued