Glacier National Park – NOW Is the Best Time to Visit

Glacier National ParkWinter is just around the corner, and so is Glacier National Park–depending on where you are. Temperatures are dropping, the rain is pouring, and every once in a while you might see a snowflake trickle from above. This makes now the best time to visit Glacier National Park. Animals are more active, the mountains are graced with snow caps, and the weather is perfect to set up your RV and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. While things seem to be slowing down, in certain aspects Glacier comes alive during this time of year.

When you visit Glacier National Park you will love breathing in the deep, clean mountain air and the earthy scent of fall. To cover all Glacier has to offer in one blog post is impossible. Each of the 1,000,000 acres of land, 130 named lakes, thousands of different plant species and hundreds of animal species all add to the uniqueness of this park. Made a part of the National Park System in 1910 Glacier is truly an iconic representation of the freedom and possibilities offered by America.

If you’re a self-sufficient wildlife buff Glacier National Park is sure to become your favorite fall destination.

All concession stands close toward the end of September, so you’ll want to be sure to pack plenty of food, a first aid kit, and warm clothing, but the peace and quiet you experience is sure to make you fall in love with Glacier over and over again.

Because there are significantly less visitors in the fall, the animals tend to be more active, which means you’ll be able to spot them more easily than you would in the summer. Bears are particularly active as they forage for food to hold them over through the long winters. The ever popular Going to The Sun road is much less crowded during the fall, however, it closes around the third week of October regardless of weather so repairs and road maintenance can be performed. This road was constructed in 1939 and is the only road that crosses Glacier National Park in Montana and goes across the continental divide at Logan Pass.

700 miles of trails are available for you to hike, while almost 1000 campsites are open to you (be sure to check if the ground you’re interested is open). From biking to boating you will find something you enjoy at Glacier. And, for photography enthusiasts, you will appreciate the vast landscape and the many animals ready to be captured for good through your camera.

Glacier National Park is an untamed, untouched, treasure of America. Visiting during the fall isn’t for the faint of heart, but provides an opportunity to experience America’s purse, untouched land just as it was when it was first settled. Plan your trip to Glacier National Park today and discover a land that allows you to say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of life and connect with your family and nature is a way unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

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