What do the Numbers and Letters in an RV Model Number Mean?

When shopping for an RV, you’ll likely see combinations of numbers and letters attached to each vehicle’s name. These are RV model numbers, and they have many uses that help differentiate models from each other and signal to customers that a vehicle includes specific features. Since they can have various meanings, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand them.

What are RV model numbers?

An RV model number is the collection of letters and numbers included in an RV’s name directly after the name of the trim. They can help you identify the type, size, and features of a particular model. However, there’s no standard system on which RV model numbers are based, so it’s helpful to learn about some of the most common model numbers you may encounter while shopping.

For instance, a 40 in some model numbers refers to the model, while in others it refers to the length of the cabin. If you’re unsure of what a particular element of a specific model number means, you can reach out to Bretz RV & Marine, and our team will help you get the information you’re looking for in no time.

How To Use RV Model Numbers

Find the Length of a Vehicle

One of the ways you can use an RV model number to learn more about a vehicle is to determine the length. While this isn’t possible with every RV, since different brands have various meanings for their model numbers, many manufacturers signal the length of a vehicle in this figure. For example, some manufacturers will use the numerical digits in a model number to refer to the cabin size, such as 20 or 40 to refer to how many feet long it is. 

Another way you can use an RV model number to find the length of a vehicle is by determining the number of digits. For example, one popular manufacturer uses three-digit numbers within their model numbers to signal that an RV uses a truck camper configuration that sits partially on top of a truck and is shorter in length. The same brand uses four-digit numbers for all their travel trailers, which are a bit larger and fully towed behind the vehicle. However, not all manufacturers use numbers to signify the length, so check with your dealership to ensure you’re reading them correctly.

Verify an RV’s Features

Most model numbers on RVs give you an insight into the types of features they have on board. You can use the abbreviations in a model number to learn about various aspects of an RV, such as what type of kitchen it includes, which sleeping configurations you can enjoy, and whether there’s a bathroom inside. The model numbers achieve this by using abbreviations that stand for different features, often also including a directional adjective to let you know where the features are located on the vehicle.

For example, one of the most common abbreviations you’ll find in an RV model number is “FK”, which stands for “front kitchen,” signaling that there’s a kitchen on board in the front of the RV close to the tow hitch. Similarly, the abbreviation “KB” is found on many RV model numbers, and this stands for “king bed,” indicating that there’s a king-sized bed in the sleeping area. Here are a few more common abbreviations that you can find in an RV model number, as well as what they typically stand for:

  • RK: Rear kitchen.
  • OK: Outside kitchen.
  • QB: Queen bed.
  • FB: Front bath.
  • RB: Rear bath.
  • K: King bed.
  • Q: Queen bed.
  • BH: Bunk house.

Identify the Type of RV

You can also sometimes use the model number to learn about the type of RV you’re looking at. For example, the combination of letters “SLX/XLT” in an RV model number typically indicates that the vehicle is lightweight or ultra-lightweight, meaning it’s less bulky and likely smaller than other RVs. Similarly, the abbreviation “W/WE” means “Western States Edition” and signals that you can drive the RV in western states that have different laws for driving RVs. There are also a few other abbreviations that can signal the type of RV in terms of the slide-outs it includes:

  • WS: This abbreviation means “with side” and indicates that the RV has a single slide-out.
  • S: This stands for “single slide,” which means the RV has only one slide on the model.
  • SS: This stands for “super slide” and shows that the RV includes a long slide that extends for the entire length of the main seating area.
  • DS: This is an abbreviation for “dinette slide” and indicates that the RV has a dinette included in its slide-out.

Determine the Layout of an RV

When an RV model number includes an abbreviation that has a direction within it, you can use it to learn about an RV’s layout. For instance, the abbreviation “RE” in a model number typically means that there are entertainment features, such as televisions, seating areas, and tables, located in the rear of the RV. Similarly, the abbreviation “FL” means that an RV places its living area in the front of the vehicle.

Find Your Perfect RV at Bretz RV & Marine

This has been a complete overview of what the numbers and letters in an RV model number mean. You can use these details to help you when looking for your next RV, as the model numbers can tell you which type of layout, features, and size a vehicle has. At Bretz RV & Marine, we work hard to maintain a huge inventory of new and used RVs from all of your favorite brands. This means you can explore all the models you’re interested in and let the model numbers guide you until you find the RV that’s perfect for you.

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