2023 Airstream RV Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk vs. the Flying Cloud 27FB

If you’re looking for a spacious recreational vehicle (RV) for your family to enjoy a camping trip or two, the Airstream Flying Cloud range offers some attractive options. The two choices we’ll focus on are the Airstream Flying Cloud 27 FB and 30 FB Bunk. Both models have a lot to recommend them, with the final choice probably coming down to the size of your family or how many friends you plan on going camping with. Our camper experts at Bretz RV & Marine can help you make the final decision, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Features of the 2023 Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB

The Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB is ideal for a small group of four to six people to enjoy a weekend at a campsite or an RV park. It features a dinette area with a small galley kitchen where you can prepare food on the stove. There’s also a fridge for storing leftovers and a square sink where you can do the washing up. The lounge area at the side of the RV provides plenty of room for your guests to relax in comfortable seats while enjoying the view from the large windows.

The bathroom is separate from the toilet, which comes in handy when people need to use them at the same time. The room with the toilet also features a vanity and sink, as well as plenty of storage space and a countertop area for your personal items. You’ll have no trouble finding places to keep your personal care products, whether that’s shaving equipment, soap, or towels. Directly across the hall from the toilet, you’ll find the separate shower room.

The master bedroom is at the front of the vehicle. The walk-around bed features two nightstands where you can easily store small items, such as books or your coffee cup in the morning. The double bed in the master bedroom and the ability to transform the couches into beds in the lounge open up room for six people to sleep comfortably. The 77 FB offers several optional upgrades to adjust the setup, including an extra bunk over the master bed to create another sleeping spot and an awning for the window so you can relax outside with some added protection.

The RV is constructed from high-quality aluminum, which helps to give it an upscale appearance and keep the interior temperature down on hot days. It features two sturdy axles to ensure that towing won’t be a problem for your SUV or truck. The trailer measures 27 feet in length, so you’ll need to keep this in mind for storage purposes.

Features of the 2023 Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

The Flying Cloud 30 FB Bunk offers a bit more interior space, making it a sensible choice if you plan on traveling in a larger group. It has a sleeping capacity of eight people, giving you a bit more flexibility than the 27 FB. The beds include a queen-sized bed in the front bedroom, a corner bed, and a bunk located directly above the corner bed. You can configure the floor plan to suit your taste, including the exact location of the dinette, beds, and other features.

The kitchen has three burners over the oven so you can cook whatever you desire. A fridge offers plenty of space for your food and drink, while you can clean up using the spacious sink. The fridge is a full-size model, creating enough space for a camping trip over a few days. There’s also an overhead fan in the kitchen to help you keep things smelling fresh and clean in the trailer while you cook.

The lounge area features a comfortable leather sofa where you can relax after enjoying a meal or at any time of the day. It also provides a good view of your surrounding area thanks to the large windows, which let in plenty of natural light. If you’re accommodating a full house of guests, you can transform the lounge into a sleeping area at night to take advantage of the Flying Cloud 30 FB Bunk’s full sleeping capacity. You can configure the lounge and other rooms to your liking with a choice of colors and other design features.

Which RV Should You Choose?

Making a final decision between these two Flying Cloud configurations is tough, especially since they’re both available with a range of customizable features to meet your needs. That being said, there are some distinctive aspects of each design that you should be aware of. The first is the larger capacity offered by the 30FB Bunk. It can sleep eight, or even nine with an additional bunk bed. This is clearly the best choice for any large family that places a premium on having the most space possible.

On the other hand, the 27FB has some features that may make it more attractive if you can do without the extra sleeping space. For instance, the shower and toilet are separate in the 27FB, whereas the 30FB Bunk has everything located together in a single bathroom. The setup in the 27FB may prove more convenient because it allows someone to shower and another person to use the toilet at the same time. Finally, the 27FB is slightly shorter in length, making it easier to find space for it in the garage or elsewhere.

Ready to Purchase a 2023 Airstream Flying Cloud?

Now that you’ve learned some more about the benefits of the Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB and the 30FB Bunk, why not explore our online inventory? If you need a reliable local dealership for your RV purchase, the team here at Bretz RV & Marine will be only too happy to help. Feel free to direct any questions you may have about purchasing an Airstream camper or securing financing to our helpful team of professionals. We’ll delight in walking you through the purchase process and letting you explore any trailer you choose at one of our Montana or Idaho locations.

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