Features of the Sunchaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport

Are you looking for a pontoon boat that combines style, comfort, and performance? Look no further than the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport. This versatile and well-built boat from Smokercraft offers plenty of space for family and friends, making it perfect for a day on the water.

A Quality Pontoon Boat from Smokercraft

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport is a product of Smokercraft, a brand with five generations of boat-building expertise. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance, this pontoon boat is an excellent choice for those seeking an unforgettable boating experience.

Sporty and Stylish Design

Black Fence Panels and Blue Graphics

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport’s design is eye catching and sporty. The black fence panels are complemented by blue graphics, giving the boat a sleek and modern appearance. The overall look is sure to turn heads while out on the water.

The X-Treme Performance Package

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport comes with the X-Treme Performance Package to enhance your boating experience even further. This package provides increased lift and top speed, improved turning capabilities, and sporty handling. It’s perfect for those who love thrilling rides on the water.

Spacious Layout for Family and Friends

One of the most significant selling points of the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport is its spacious layout. With an overall length of 22 feet, 10 inches, there’s plenty of room for family and friends to enjoy their time on the water.

Transom/Swim Platform With Stainless Steel Reboarding Ladder

At the rear of the boat, you’ll find a spacious transom/swim platform that makes getting in and out of the water easy and convenient. The stainless steel reboarding ladder ensures a safe and secure means of re-entering the boat after a swim.

Comfortable Loungers and a Large Dinette Table

Inside the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport, you’ll find comfortable loungers that provide plenty of seating options for your guests. The large dinette table offers an excellent space for enjoying meals, playing games, or simply relaxing with friends and family.

Ample Storage Spaces for Your Belongings

Storage is essential on any boat, and the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. With ample storage spaces throughout the boat, you can easily stow away your belongings, ensuring everything has its place during your day on the water.

Plush Captain’s Experience at the Helm and Console

Low-Back Captain’s Seat and Fiberglass Console

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport ensures the captain has a comfortable and enjoyable boat piloting experience. The plush low-back captain’s seat provides excellent support, while the fiberglass console offers a stylish and functional space for controlling the vessel.

Gucci-Verona Steering Wheel and Lighted Rocker Switches

Navigating the water has never been easier, thanks to the Gucci-Verona steering wheel and lighted rocker switches on the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport. These features look great and provide a user-friendly interface for managing your boat.

Smoked Windscreen for Visibility and Protection

A smoked windscreen adds an extra layer of safety to your boating experience. It provides excellent visibility while protecting you from wind, water, and debris while on the water.

Bow Seating: Privacy and Versatility

Pop-Up Enclosure for Changing or Resting

One of the unique features of the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport is its bow seating area, which includes a pop-up enclosure. This convenient feature allows you to create a private space for changing clothes or taking a break from the sun when needed.

Performance on the Water: Speed, Handling, and Fun

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport isn’t just about style and comfort; it also delivers impressive performance on the water. Whether you prefer leisurely cruises or high-speed adventures, the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport caters to your preferences. Its cruising speeds range from 20 mph at 3,300 rpm to 25 mph at 4,800 rpm, with a top speed in the 36 mph range.

Customization Options

Double-Top Black Canopy, Playpen Cover, Upgraded Audio, and More

One of the benefits of choosing the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport is its wide range of customization options. You can personalize your boat with a double-top black canopy, playpen cover, upgraded audio system, dual battery switch, and more.

Color and Upholstery Options: Customize Your SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport offers a variety of color and upholstery options, allowing you to create a truly unique vessel. Choose from panel color options such as emerald green, blue, wave blue, burgundy, champagne, carbon, silver, white, and black. Select between platinum or mocha vinyl upholstery for the interior to complement your chosen panel color.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support: Confidence on the Waves

Limited Lifetime Warranty for Hull and Structure

When you invest in a SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a resilient and dependable pontoon boat. SunChaser demonstrates its confidence in this model by offering a limited lifetime warranty on the hull and structure, providing long-lasting peace of mind.

6-Year Transferable Warranty for Components, Carpet, and Upholstery

Beyond the impressive hull warranty, SunChaser goes the extra mile by providing a transferable six-year warranty covering components, carpeting, and upholstery. This all-encompassing protection ensures your investment remains safeguarded for years, reinforcing your confidence in the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport as the ideal choice for your boating adventures.

Experience the SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport for Yourself

The SunChaser Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport is an exceptional pontoon boat with a perfect blend of style, comfort, performance, and customization options. If you’re considering a boat that caters to all your desires, the Geneva Cruise 22 SB Sport is the ideal choice. Contact us at Bretz RV & Marine with any questions or to learn more about this fantastic boat.

You can also explore our extensive SunChaser inventory to find the perfect model. And if you’re ready to start the purchasing process, you can conveniently prequalify for financing through our secure online platform without providing your Social Security number.

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