What Happens if You Don’t Winterize Your Class A Motorhome


What Happens if You Don’t Winterize Your Class A Motorhome


Winterizing your Class A motorhome is a necessity as winters in Montana and Idaho can be harsh. If you are not proactive, expensive repairs could be in store come spring and that’s why winterizing is so important. If you’re still skeptical, here are some of the dangers of not winterizing your Class A motorhome. 

Water and Appliance Problems

With a Class A motorhome, many appliances use water. Water can get trapped in the pipes of these appliances or even in the appliance itself. Without proper winterization, the water can freeze, causing pipes to burst or appliances to break completely. In your Class A motorhome, the last thing you want is your shower, toilet, refrigerator, or sink getting damaged. In the 2021 Entegra Coach Vision, there is a washer and dryer that needs to be winterized as water can easily be trapped within both of those expensive appliances! 

Mold and Rodents

The last thing you want to happen to your luxurious Class A motorhome is for mold to form or rodents to call it their home. Winter brings in cold, wet weather that can seep into your motorhome if there are leaks. The trapped moisture can cause mold to form on your nice beds, seats, and other furniture over the winter. Class A motorhomes also have plenty of storage spaces that can be raided by rodents if there are cracks to sneak in. With all the space, you may not know they are there until it is too late! 

Tire Problems

Class A motorhomes are carrying the biggest load, so they have the biggest tires. Carrying such a big load can cause your tires to wear out. Tires with worn-out tread will have worse handling, acceleration, and braking which can lead to an increased possibility of skidding on the roads. Salt on the roads only does so much and it can also damage your tires if the tread is not deep enough. The cold weather also causes your tire pressure to drop. With less pressure in your tires, handling of the vehicle becomes more difficult as it’s harder for your tire to grab the ground. The loss of tire pressure also makes your tread wear out much faster than usual. 


Exterior Damage

Things such as snow, hail, and freezing rain can damage the exterior of your motorhome drastically if you don’t cover it. Things like awnings, windows, and air conditioning vents can become dented, torn, or broken if not covered properly. Sealant on the windows can become damaged and can let in cold air or water, resulting in damages on the inside of the motorhome. The 2021 Entegra Coach Vision also has an exterior entertainment center that you surely will want to winterize in order to avoid a very costly repair. Class A motorhomes usually have slides on them that allow extra space on the interior and these can also get damaged if not winterized properly. 

Dead Battery

A common problem during the winter season is your battery dying at the worst possible time. The cold weather of winter can cause your motorhome’s battery power to decrease up to 50 percent! That means there is a higher possibility of your battery dying and that can become very dangerous during the winter. Less battery power can also affect the heating in your motorhome, making drives a bit more frigid if not taken care of. 

If you need help winterizing your Class A motorhome, Bretz RV & Marine is here to help! With 2 service stations in both Montana and Idaho, we’re an easy call away. Schedule a winterization appointment, an appliance check, or any of their other services at one of the stations soon as we are running out of space in our schedule! You don’t want to end up having any trouble during the winter! Here is a list of our locations: 

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