Washing Your Class C Motorhome

Your motorhome is made to venture out into nature. Each time you return with new memories…and a slightly less clean motorhome. Over time, all that dust and debris takes its toll. The gunk is more than an eyesore – it can actually damage your Class C motorhomeover time. We created a beginner’s guide to washing your motorhome below. If you need any new parts or maintenance, bring it to the service department at Bretz RV & Marine Missoula. You’ll find us in Missoula, Montana.

Cleaning the Roof

Your roof is a perfect collection ground for gunk. Dust, tree sap, pine needles, and other debris collect whether your Class C motorhome is parked or on the road. All this grime does more than make your motorhome less appealing looking. Left rotting on your motorhome roof, the debris creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This can lead to lasting, costly damage. Fortunately, it’s preventable with the proper cleaning.

The first step is getting onto the roof. You’ll need someone to hold the ladder while you climb up. Wear shoes with good grip since the surface will be wet and slippery.

Use a brush with a telescoping handle. It provides the force you need to tackle the grime. For soap, you can use a mild detergent (like dish soap). Make sure to rinse the soap away as you clean. Otherwise, it’ll dry and add to the grime! After the motorhome roof is clean, give it one more rinse. You can choose to squeegee the moisture off or let it air dry. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Pressure Washing a Motorhome

Hand-washing your Class C motorhome will take a significant amount of time and energy. They are a decent-sized motorhome after all! A pressure washer is a valuable tool for making the process faster and easier. It spits out a high-pressure stream of water, which easily removes caked-on gunk. Many places will rent pressure washers if you don’t want to buy one.

Keep in mind that a pressure washer does use a high amount of pressure. If you aren’t careful, it can damage decals and paint. Don’t keep the spray on one spot for too long. Instead, use a broad sweeping motion while standing about two feet back. You’ll get the clean you need without the risk of damage.

Cleaning the Sides

Your sides can get just as dirty as your roof. Fortunately, they are easier to clean! If you have a pressure washer, this step is easy. If not, you can use a telescoping brush. Make sure to use soap that won’t hurt the metal, enamel, or fiberglass.

Start at the top and work down. Clean in two feet wide chunks. This way, you’ll be able to wash the soap away before it dries. Once you finish washing, give your Class C motorhome one more good rinse.

Detailing Your Motorhome

You are so close to being done! The last step is detailing your Class C motorhome. Use a window cleaning solution to get rid of fingerprints, streaks, or bug guts on your windows. Use tailored cleaners for delicate materials (such as aluminum, chrome, enamel, and steel). Make your tires glisten with tire shine. Your motorhome will be the best looking one at the campsite!

For all your motorhome needs, visit Bretz RV & Marine Missoula. We offer a range of new and used motorhomes for sale. We also operate a parts replacement and service department. Whatever you need, you will find it with us! We proudly serve those in Missoula, Kalispell, and Great Falls, Montana.

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