Wakeboard Safety on the Best Boats for Wakesports

For extreme, modern watersports, many enthusiasts turn to wakeboarding. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, and with the right boat, it’s the only thing you’ll want to do on your day off. But as fun as this all is, there’s still an element of safety that needs to be taken seriously. Just because falling into the water doesn’t always hurt, that doesn’t mean slamming face-first into it won’t sting or even cause serious bodily harm. Make smart choices so you can enjoy this awesome pastime for some time yet.

To help you out, Bretz RV & Marine has provided some tips to keep you safe on the water, but if you need more advice, stop by our location in Missoula, Montana, serving Kalispell, to chat with our experienced staff. We can also show you some of the best boats for wakesports available at our dealership.

Safety Gear

We’ll start with what you can do before you take your boat out on the water. Getting the right gear can help prevent serious accidents on the water, regardless of what kinds of activities you participate in. Everyone on board needs to be wearing a lifejacket that fits them. When you’re wakeboarding or wakesurfing, you’ll want to wear a helmet. Remember, you can hit the water hard and your brain needs extra protection.

Strong Swimming Skills

You probably shouldn’t be on a boat if you don’t have strong swimming skills, but it’s especially true if you’re wakeboarding. All enthusiasts know you should expect to wipe out at some point, and it’s easier and safer to recover if you can swim fairly well in deep water.

Be Courteous to Other Boaters

When you’re in one of the best boats for wakesports, you’ll have the advantage of stronger engines, better hydrodynamics, and faster speeds. But proceed with a courteous attitude. Not everyone is on the lake or river to wakeboard and you should respect everyone’s right to a fun day on the water. Slow down as needed and pass other safely and only when necessary.

Limit Downtime in the Water

As we said, you’ll hit the water periodically, and there’s no need to rush getting going again, but no one likes a dawdler. Keep traffic moving and start up the boat again as soon as you’re ready to go.

Obey Speed Limits & Safety Signs

Waterways have rules and regulations just like roads do, and they’ll need to be adhered to when you’re in your boat. Follow all posted signs to stay safe and give others the opportunity to be safe as well.

Build Up to the Tricks

For the wakesport enthusiasts in your boat, encourage them to start out slow if they’re new to the sport. The tricks are fun to watch and try out, but if you’re brand-new, they’re probably going to lead to more frustration than fun. Work your way up to some of the more difficult and dangerous maneuvers, so you have more experience under your belt when you actually try them.


When you’re out wakeboarding or wakesurfing, or any other watersports activity for that matter, there should be three people in your party, at the very least. One person will drive and one will be towed, obviously, but there needs to be someone else watching the person in the water. This person is responsible for informing the driver when the athlete falls into the water or makes any indications they want to adjust speed or head back into the boat. This person will also need a signalling flag, so other boaters know there’s a person in the water. The driver can focus on navigating the boat, instead of dividing their attention and creating a hazardous situation.

The best days on the water can only be experienced using the best sport boats for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. These vessels are designed to give you all the specific features you need for better thrills, so if you still need one yourself, stop by Bretz RV & Marine. We’ll show you all the models we have available to shoppers from Missoula and Kalispell, Montana.

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