Vacationing In Your RV On A Budget!

Taking a vacation in your RV is always a fun experience, but the costs can add up! Knowing ways to save money on your trip can enhance the adventure without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to help you vacation in your RV on a budget! 

Plan Ahead


Planning ahead can help you save tons of money. Figure out exactly where you want to go and for how long. Mapping out the route you’re taking and finding the fastest, most efficient route will help you save money on gas. When booking events and activities in advance, you may be able to find days where there are discounts or specials! If you were to just hit the road and hope to find things on the way, you’ll probably end up paying much more and end up driving around for a longer time as well. 

Bring Your Own Supplies/Groceries

The perks of having an RV is that you may have a fridge and kitchen on board. If this is the case, bring your own groceries and supplies! Eating is a factor on trips that can lead to high expenses, so take advantage of what you have. Go shopping for food and drinks before the trip and make your own food, as this will eliminate stops at expensive restaurants. This will surely save you a ton of money and keep your wallet happy. Besides food, bringing other essential supplies is important too. Some locations you go to will inflate prices on simple items such as sunscreen and firewood. If you prepare and bring everything you need, you’ll end up saving more money than you thought. 

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Travel During the Offseason 

Holidays and the summer months can inflate the price of many destinations. Traveling during these times will only increase the costs of your journey. Looking into vacations during the offseason is cost-effective and will still be a great time. Destinations you were hoping to stay at such as campgrounds may even have better deals since they are hoping to keep their parks full all year round. Traveling during the offseason will also help avoid big crowds, meaning less wait time for activities and events that may be around!

Look Into Cheap Or Free Activities

When on vacation, entertainment costs can pile up as you’re looking for fun things to do. However, it is pretty easy to vacation on a budget and still have some great forms of entertainment along the way. Since you’re in an RV, try visiting a national park! Many are just one-time payment admission and you can camp there in your RV and experience some of the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen. You can do things such as bike, hike, or just relax and take in the views!

Choose Your Campsites Wisely

Picking the right campground is very important when vacationing on a budget. Many campgrounds are now private and can be very pricey as they offer amenities such as wifi and pools. Look into public campgrounds and state parks that give you only what you need. Many of these campsites have hook-ups for your RV, making them even more convenient. While those private campgrounds can reach up to $100 a night, you can find these public campgrounds and state parks for well under $30! When you have your RV, you won’t need any of those extra amenities anyway! 


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