Travel Trailer Buying Guide


Travel trailers are a great solution to anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a motorhome just yet. They have all the comfort of a larger motorhome, but they also give you the ease and flexibility of exploring in your tow vehicle.  While towing can be quite different than driving a motorhome, there are plenty of benefits to travel trailers. We have put together a guide that will teach you all about travel trailers!

The best reason to get a travel trailer? Travel trailers are especially great for life on the road because they offer a lot of flexibility when you get to the campground. You can unhitch them from your tow vehicle and leave them behind at the campsite so you can easily go exploring.

Benefits of a Travel Trailer

  • Less expensive
  • Can be easy to drive and maneuver
  • Wide range of tow vehicles
  • Variety of lengths, widths, and sizes
  • Very little setup time
  • Better fuel economy
  • Flexibility to explore in your tow vehicle


Another great thing about travel trailers is the fact that they have tough, rigid walls that provide some insulation from cold and noise compared to pop-up trailers or tents. If you’re looking for a travel trailer, there are a wide range of options — new vs. used, floor plans, sizes, brands, conveniences and more.

Types of Travel Trailers – Size, Weight, and Length

While travel trailers are their own subset of the RV family, they can widely differ from one another in size, weight, length, and cost. Some say that the fact that they have no engine gives you more living space, but that really depends on the size you are looking for and the features and amenities it offers.


  • Small Travel Trailers are usually about 8-20 feet in length and under 5,000 lbs. They are about 7 feet wide and some offer slideout and popup features for more living space. An average travel trailer may cost about $30,000.
  • Lightweight Travel Trailers will typically be around 3,000 lbs or less and are about 10-30 feet in length. They are also about 7 feet wide and some offer more living space when set up.
  • Luxury Travel Trailers are about 25-40+ feet in length for luxurious living space and at 5,000 – 8,000+ lbs. You won’t be missing any amenities or features in these beautiful travel trailers! These luxury travel trailers can cost more, but are worth the price!


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long are travel trailers? 8 to 40+ feet. Average 10-15 feet
  • How wide are travel trailers? Average: 7 feet. Travel trailers with slides can offer much more space!
  • How much do travel trailers weigh? 1,000 to 8,000+ lbs. Average: 5,000 lbs  
  • How many people can travel trailers sleep? Between 2-10 people
  • How much do travel trailers cost: $10,000 to $150,000. Average: $30,000


If you are looking for the travel trailer perfect for your next adventure, then head on over to the closest Bretz RV & Marine location to check out our latest line-up of travel trailers!


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