Top Gifts for Boat Lovers

Gift-giving occasions are sprinkled throughout the year, from anniversaries to birthdays  to federal and religious holiday celebrations. For the boaters in your life, you’ll want to consider getting them something that shows you know how much they love their pastime and marine life in general. You may even want to get them a gift for no particular reason. But what should you get the boater who seems to have everything?

This gift guide for boaters by Bretz RV & Marine should help to answer that question. If you still need tips after reading, come see us at our dealership in Missoula, Montana and we’ll help you find the perfect gift for the boaters in your life!

Towable Equipment

Watersports have become an extremely popular activity for anyone who loves to cruise around the lake at high speeds. If you know someone with a powerful motorboat who enjoys towing inner tubers and other watersports enthusiasts, why not give them some equipment?

Inner tubes are particularly popular since they can be enjoyed by users of all skill levels and all ages above the very youngest children. Look for single-rider or multiple-rider styles in fun patterns to give your loved one. Since inner tubes can easily become punctured or worn with time, it’s always a good thing to have extras on hand!

Boat Shoes

A good, sturdy pair of boat shoes or boots will always be appreciated by your water-loving friend or family member. If you know their shoe size and see that their current slip-ons or boots are worn and faded, seek out a brand-new pair so they can stay safe and stylish on deck.

You’ll want to make sure that the shoes or boots you purchase have good gripping soles and are waterproofed. Customize the gift by looking for your friend’s favorite pattern or colorway. Casual boaters will likely prefer your standard slip-on loafer style, but the serious fisher in your life will probably prefer a strong and sturdy pair of boots instead.

Boating Magazine Subscription

There is no shortage of marine-themed magazines available on the market. These periodicals contain buying guides, how-to sections, lifestyle tips and more for the boating enthusiast. Show your family member or friend that you care by signing them up for a year or two of their favorite boating magazine or one that you think they would like.

Tailor your choice by considering a subscription devoted more to fishing or one for simple cruising in a yacht, depending on how your loved one prefers to spend their time on the water. It’s always nice to get something in the mail that isn’t bills, so this will be a great surprise for your favorite mariner!

Marine-Inspired Clothing Or Decor

Decorations or apparel that feature traditional marine-themed motifs and colorways are another great gift for your seafaring loved one. Sailor-striped shirts, a captain’s hat or sailor’s cap, a scarf patterned with anchors or jewelry featuring aquatic creatures are all great ideas.

Help your friend spruce up their boat by providing them with some fun art featuring sea landscape, a macrame wall hanging or some small, unbreakable knick-knacks that will give their craft a personalized touch.

Motion Sickness Relief

The most hardened boater can still be waylaid by a bout of motion sickness, particularly on choppy waters. They may also have a passenger who hasn’t found their sea legs yet and feels queasy on board. Help to combat the scourge of seasickness by providing your companion with a motion sickness acupressure band. You could throw in some ginger candies and mint teas that help to settle the stomach as well. These gifts will make their experience more pleasant by averting the dizzy spells and nausea that sometimes arise from waves rocking the craft.

Our Missoula dealership carries a wide array of new and used boats in several different styles so you and your loved ones can get out on the water together! Bretz RV & Marine welcomes our Montana customers coming from the cities of Kalispell and Helena, Montana.

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