Tips on How to Keep Up With Your RV’s Needs!

Keeping up RV


Maintaining any vehicle is very important, especially one that you’ll be living in! That’s why knowing how to maintain your RV is a necessity. So here are some tips on how to keep up with your RV’s needs!


Inspect the Seams of Your RV

Leaks are never fun, so make sure you inspect your RV for leaks every few months. These leaks in the seams can happen in your roof’s edges, vents, skylights, or air conditioning unit. There are plenty of different sealants that can be used to patch up your RV’s leaks, but make sure it is compatible with the material of your RV!


Check the Tires

Before every RV trip, be sure to check your wheel lug nuts and tire pressure. It is important to check the lug nuts because if they have loosened at some point, it can be a hazard. It is also important to check tire pressure to see if they are overinflated or underinflated. Both are dangerous to drive on, not only for you but for others on the road. So make sure to check those tires!


Check RV’s Batteries

A dead battery is never fun, so check on your RV’s batteries! Make sure they are properly charged before heading out. Batteries tend to last around 3 – 5 years, so have them checked out and possibly replaced during this time frame if necessary!


Keep Brakes Maintained

Brake maintenance needs to be a priority! Maintaining the wheel bearings and checking to see they are nice and lubricated is very important. Additionally, make sure your brakes have enough material left on them and are working properly. If necessary, get them replaced, as many include a repacking of wheel bearings and replacement of the seals.


Keep Waste Water System in Good Condition

Maintaining the waste water systems needs to be done properly and regularly. Use the chemicals that are designed to work with each waste system (gray or black water). Without maintenance, you will get excessive build-up in these systems, which can lead to clogs or complete failure of the system.


Make Sure Electrical Connection From RV to Tow Vehicle is Working

The connection from your RV to the tow vehicle is important to your safety on an RV trip. This is because the connection allows your brake lights, turn signals, and other electric signals to be transferred from your tow vehicle to your RV. Also, a good electrical connection makes sure your RV has good brake activation and a charged battery! So this is a must-check on every RV inspection.


Replace Air, Fuel, Coolant, and Hydraulic Filters

Replacing air, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic filters need to be done just like an oil change. These filters can experience wear and tear over time, so have them checked out and possibly replaced if needed. If not, your RV’s engine and drivetrain can be worn down and be less effective or even cause some damage.


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