Tips for Travel Trailer First Timers!


Travel trailers are extremely convenient, especially for those who vacation frequently! They are becoming more and more popular as people are beginning to discover how much fun and accessibility they can bring to your next road trip or camping adventure. So if you are a first-time travel trailer user, let’s take a look at some tips that can help you out! 


Check How Much Your Truck Can Tow


Before purchasing the travel trailer itself, check how much your truck can tow first! You don’t want to end up purchasing a travel trailer that is too big for your truck to tow. We recommend giving yourself a buffer of no less than 1,000 pounds between the weight you are towing and what your truck can tow. This is because manufacturers can be pretty generous in their tow ratings! 


Become Familiar With Your Trailer


Driving with a travel trailer is much different than just driving your truck on its own. A common problem that occurs when towing a trailer is trailer sway. To reduce trailer sway, you can install suspension airbags on your truck or add a sway bar or weight distributing hitch. 


Knowing how to park and back up the trailer is important as well. The back of the trailer turns in the opposite direction of your steering wheel so keep that in mind. Your trailer will also take a minute to head in the direction you want it to so be patient with tiny turns! 


Be Careful on Mountain Roads


Driving on mountain roads can be dangerous already, so make sure you are extra careful when driving with a travel trailer on mountain roads. Make sure to drive slower than usual and watch out for signs on the side. There are signs with a trailer tipping on certain corners which indicate that these can be dangerous for trailers to turn on, so if you see these, make sure you go extra slow. 


Travel Trailers at the Campground


When you arrive at the campground, we recommend that first-timers use full hookups. RV parks are great for beginners as some provide full sewer, electric, and water hookups. Parking on flat ground is also recommended since it will get you more comfortable with your trailer. Unhook the tow vehicle upon arrival and put the trailer stabilizers down to ensure it will stay in place as well! 


If you were looking for a travel trailer that is perfect for beginners, look no further than Bretz RV and Marine! We offer a wide selection of both new and used travel trailers that are great for first-timers! For more information, check out our website, give us a call at 833-BRETZRV, or come visit one of our four locations! 


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