Tips For Towing!

RVs and travel trailers are becoming increasingly popular which means towing might have to be done! Many are not familiar with towing, but with the right guidance, it can become much easier. So here are some tips for towing! 


Stay Within Your Vehicle’s Limits


Before towing, make sure you are aware of the towing capacity of your vehicle and make sure it is capable of towing your trailer. Exceeding the limit can be dangerous and can cause damage to your vehicle, the trailer, and those around you. During this time, make sure that your trailer hitch is able to handle the weight of your trailer as well. Don’t assume that all versions of a certain model vehicle or trailer share identical tow ratings. Make sure you find the exact specifications of your vehicles in order to stay within the limits. 


Pack Your Trailer Properly


The way you pack your trailer is just as important as knowing your trailer’s maximum load capacity. You want to make sure that 60% of the trailer’s load is placed over the front half of the trailer. Weight should be evenly distributed on the left and right sides of the trailer as well. Once this is done, make sure all the cargo is secured to ensure it doesn’t shift while on the road. 


Check Your Lights


Sometimes large trailers can block the tail lights of the tow vehicle, so making sure the trailer tail lights and marker lamps work is important. Check with a partner to ensure that the turn signals, taillights, and brake lights are working properly! 


Check Your Brakes


Depending on the weight of your trailer, trailer brakes may need to be incorporated. Lighter trailers may not need them, but heavier ones certainly do. Also, whether your trailer is equipped with hydraulic surge brakes or electric brakes, make sure the emergency breakaway cable is properly attached to the tow vehicle. This will make it so if your trailer somehow disconnects, the cable will trigger the brakes on the trailer and stop it. 


Check Your Tires


Make sure to check the tires on both your tow vehicle and trailer. Properly inflating your tires will make handling easier and reduce the risk of blowing out a tire. Also, check the speed rating on the tires for both the tow vehicle and trailer to make sure you never exceed that speed while towing. If you are going a longer distance than usual, check the tire pressure of the spare tires and inspect the hub bearings as well! 


Adjust Your Mirrors


Right before taking off, check your side-view mirrors. With the trailer in the back, your view will be a bit different now. Adjust them to create a clear view that extends to the end of the trailer! 


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