Tips for Leveling Your RV!



Tips for Leveling Your RV!

No matter how many times you’ve taken your RV camping, a few tips can help make a trip much better! Leveling your RV can be a bit difficult at times, so here are some tips for leveling your RV!


Why Leveling is Important

Leveling your RV is important because if your RV isn’t, then some things may not work properly. Drawers, doors, slides, and appliances that are off-center may not function properly. Wear and tear can be accelerated because your RV isn’t level too! If you don’t think this is a big deal, try sleeping in an RV that isn’t level!


Get the Proper Tools

While many of today’s RVs have high-tech leveling systems that do the job for you, some older models don’t have the luxury of this. So having the proper tools is important in order to level your vehicle. Here is what we suggest you bring on your next RV trip:

  • 4 – 8 short sections of 2 x 10 boards to place under the stabilizers and jacks
  • Some sort of surface level
  • Tire chocks
  • Leveling blocks


Level Side to Side First

When starting the leveling process, start from side to side first. Do the side to side before disconnecting your tow vehicle from your RV (if applicable). Place the surface level inside the floor of the unit and this will tell you how far off you are. Raise the part that needs to be elevated using your leveling blocks and once this is done, use your chocks to block the tires.


Then Go Front to Back

Start by laying down your 2 x 10 boards on the floor before disconnecting from the tow vehicle. This will allow your jack to rest and stay where you set it. Using the jack, raise the front end of your RV to the proper height and make sure you’ve positioned your surface level to measure when it is level!



Now that everything is level, stabilize everything! Many RVs come with stabilizing jacks that will keep your RV in place. If your RV doesn’t have one built into it, the 2 x 10 board and stabilizing jack combination will do the trick as it will keep your RV steady and in place!

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