Tips for First-Time RV Road Trippers


For those who will be road-tripping in their RV for the first time, it is important to be prepared. You don’t want to end up leaving on your road trip and realize you have forgotten something or are not well prepared! So here are a few tips for first-time RV road trippers to ensure that your experience will be amazing!

Outline Your Route

Finding the best route possible for your road trip is something that  all road trippers must do. Doing this will ensure that you don’t waste too much time in roads that are congested with traffic or have tolls on them (which can be very expensive for RVs). Gas is always a big factor on road trips, so avoiding places where more gas consumption will occur is ideal. Having a basic idea of where you are going will let you map out the best possible route which can include scenic views and rest areas along the way. 

Make a Trip Budget 

A common theme is going to be planning ahead as it will help keep everything on track. If you build a trip budget and know exactly what you need before heading out, it will help avoid expensive stops. The three main aspects of the budget you should plan out are:

  • Travel Fees: things like gas, maintenance, etc.
  • Accommodation Fees: prices for campgrounds, national park fees, parking fees, etc.
  • Food Costs: cost of food you bring along and any restaurants you want to go to.

Knowing these three aspects of the budget will help you avoid any uncertainties along the trip as you are prepared for everything. Longer trips will obviously be more expensive, so maybe try and cut back on certain expenditures to make it more affordable! 

Picking Places That Can Accommodate

Since you are road tripping in an RV, you have to make sure the places you are going can accommodate you. Many places such as campgrounds will be able to accommodate RVs, but if you plan on stopping at attractions along the way, it may be a bit more difficult. Things like parking limitations and size limitations of vehicles are things which must be thought of at campgrounds or attractions, so calling ahead to see if you can stay there will keep your trip on track. 

Book Ahead

Booking places ahead of time can help avoid higher costs, and you may even stumble upon some deals. Many of the most popular places will be booked far in advance, so doing this will definitely help keep your plans on schedule. Noting cancellation policies is important too, just in case there is a sudden change of plans along the way. Booking ahead can also let you find the perfect place to stay. Some places may have extra amenities for your RV such as cheap electricity and water, which can make your road trip even better! 

Understand the Difference Between an RV and Car

There is a significant difference in travel times between RVs and regular cars. Don’t expect to move at the same pace as a regular car since RVs are much larger and heavier vehicles. Expect to be moving at around 50mph on the highway since these speeds are the safest for RVs. With that being the case, expect a few more gas stops and a slower-paced trip. Be aware of low clearances and propane restrictions that may pop up along the journey too! 


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