Tips For First Time Class A Motorhome Owners!


Class A Motorhomes and RVs are amazing vehicles that allow you to bring a home on wheels to wherever you want! However, for first-time owners, it can be challenging to grow accustomed to these big vehicles. So here are some tips for first-time Class A Motorhome owners! 


Prepare Beforehand


With all the information available to us now, make sure you are knowledgeable about things that may occur while driving your Class A Motorhome. We recommend researching how to handle a tire blowout, how to handle your specific Class A Motorhome, and how to make safe turns. These things, while they seem easy and simple, can help prepare you for your first time driving your Class A Motorhome. 


Practice Your New Skills


Before hitting the roads, try practicing your new skills in a safe area. A place like a mall or empty shopping center makes great locations for practicing turning and parking. You can also practice backing up and moving around objects. This practice will also help you become familiar with being around traffic as getting to these locations will require you to navigate through some traffic and there may be other cars at the practice locations! 


Avoid Annoying Backtracking


Know the height and length of your Class A Motorhome as this will prevent any annoying backtracking. While most major highways and interstates are tall enough for your Class A Motorhome, you might encounter some low overpasses, bridges, and tunnels on roads that are more off the path. Doing research prior to your trip will help avoid any backtracking and possible damages to your Class A Motorhome.


Be Aware of Surroundings


Since the height and length of Class A Motorhomes, you need to make wider turns. This means while turning you need to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you clear the corner and that other vehicles aren’t in blindspots. While on highways, make sure you leave plenty of room when passing so you don’t cut too close in front of other vehicles and be prepared for others cutting close in front of you! Since motorhomes are so big, they travel at slower speeds and require more distance to make stops. With this in mind, be respectful to other drivers and stay in slow lanes, use slow-vehicle pull-outs, and don’t follow too closely behind other cars! 


Navigate Mountain Roads Safely


With Class A Motorhomes, you may find yourself navigating through curvy mountain roads. Give yourself enough room to make turns and go at safe speeds. When driving uphill, switch to a lower gear if possible so you produce higher RPMs for more engine power. When driving downhill, make sure you avoid riding the brakes because this can cause them to overheat and potentially fail. 


If you were interested in buying a Class A Motorhome, check out Bretz RV and Marine! We offer a wide variety of both new and pre-owned Class A Motorhomes that are perfect for beginners! For more information, check out our website, give us a call at 833-BRETZRV, or come visit one of our four locations!


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