The Importance of Winterizing Your Class B Motorhome


The Importance of Winterizing Your Class B Motorhome 

With winter approaching, winterizing your Class B motorhome is becoming increasingly important. Harsh weather in Montana and Idaho can lead to costly repairs if you don’t act swiftly. Here are some of the dangers that can arise if you don’t winterize your Class B motorhome. 


Water System Problems

Class B motorhomes are the smallest of the motorhome classes, but still have appliances such as a toilet and sink. Water can get trapped in the pipes of these appliances, and without proper winterization, water can freeze in the pipes. This results in broken pipes, damaged appliances, and worst of all, expensive repairs. Some Class B motorhomes also have showers, such as the 2021 Airstream RV Interstate 24GT. If this is the case, make sure you also winterize the shower, especially if they are exterior showers! 


Tire Problems

Class B motorhomes have tires that can be worn out over time and during the winter, it occurs at increased rates. Tires with worn-out tread will have worse handling, acceleration, and braking which can lead to an increased possibility of skidding on the roads. Salt on the road can help avoid possible skidding. However, the salt will also wear out the tread of your tires. Cold weather also causes your tire pressure to drop. With less pressure in your tires, handling your Class B motorhome can be more difficult as it’s harder for your tire to grab the ground.


Exterior Damage

Damage to the exterior of your motorhome can be very expensive if you don’t cover it during the winter. Things like awnings and windows can be dented, torn, or broken if not covered properly. Sealant on the windows can become damaged and can let in cold air or water, resulting in damages on the inside of the motorhome. Additional Class B motorhomes features like retractable awnings and doors can also become damaged during the winter. If you would like to avoid all of this, consider winterizing your RV at Bretz RV & Marine!


Mold, Mildew, and Rodents

We never want our Class B motorhome’s beautiful interior features to be ruined, but it’s a real possibility if you don’t winterize. Winter brings in cold, wet weather that can seep into your motorhome if there are leaks. The water that gets inside will be trapped without ventilation, which can result in mold or mildew forming. Bad smells and stained furniture will follow if the mildew and mold are not taken care of. Rodents can also get into your motorhome if there are unseen openings. If they get inside, they can cause major damage. You don’t want your 2021 Airstream RV Interstate 24GT’s premium leather seats being torn up by rodents! 


Broken Hoses and Belts

The winter season can take a toll on your motorhome, especially to the hoses and belts. Class B motorhomes aren’t as big as the other classes, so they have smaller hoses and belts. Cold temperatures and rough weather conditions can trigger hoses to burst and belts to crack and split. If this occurs, your motorhome will be stuck and unable to run. Make sure to winterize these parts to avoid any chance of accidents on the road. 


If you need help winterizing your Class B motorhome, Bretz RV & Marine is here to help! With 2 service stations in both Montana and Idaho, we’re an easy call away. Schedule a winterization appointment at one of the service stations soon as we are running out of space in our schedule! You don’t want to end up having any trouble during the winter! Here is a list of our locations: 

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