The Dangers of Not Winterizing Your Class C Motorhome


The Dangers of Not Winterizing Your Class C Motorhome

Class C motorhomes are large, sturdy vehicles, but are still in danger when it comes to cold, winter weather. Winterizing your motorhome until spring arrives is important to avoid expensive repairs. Some people may try to avoid winterization costs, but the damage of not doing it can be so much more!


Battery Problems

Batteries for your motorhome are at risk of damage if not properly winterized. If not checked on, batteries can discharge. In the winter, the battery can even freeze and may crack the case, leading to severe damage to the battery and the surrounding area. Even when stored properly, batteries will lose power resulting in a shorter life span and a higher possibility of your Class C motorhome not starting up. 


Water and Appliance Problems

With a Class C motorhome, many appliances use water. Water can get trapped in the pipes of these appliances and in the appliance itself. Without proper winterization, the water can freeze, causing pipes to crack or burst and appliances to break completely. Class C motorhomes can include appliances such as refrigerators, showers, sinks, toilets, and water heaters that are at risk of these damages. Some Class C motorhomes, such as the 2021 Thor Motor Coach Quantum KW29, have a washer and dryer that need to be winterized as well since water can easily be trapped within these appliances. 


Exterior Damage


Winter brings bad weather like snow, hail, and freezing rain that can cause damage to the exterior of your motorhome. Things like awnings, windows, and air conditioning vents are at risk of being dented, torn, or broken if not covered properly. Sealant on the windows can become damaged and can let in cold air or water, resulting in damages not only to the window but on the inside of the motorhome as well. Class C motorhomes are known for having an overhead bed. You don’t want any exterior damage to cause a bad night’s sleep when in the overhead bed! 


Mold and Rodents

You never want to come back to your motorhome in the spring and see that mold has formed or rodents have been inside. During the winter, cold and wet weather can cause water to seep into your motorhome if there are leaks or cracks. This can lead to mold forming on your nice beds, seats, and other furniture since the moisture is being trapped inside. Class C motorhomes have plenty of storage spaces that can be invaded by rodents if there are openings to sneak in. Vents and the hood of your vehicle are places that rodents can get in, so properly winterizing these sections of your motorhome can help prevent rodents from calling it home.


Tire Damage

Class C motorhomes are carrying large loads, so the tires have a lot of stress on them, causing them to wear out. Tires with worn-out tread will have worse handling, acceleration, and braking which can lead to an increased possibility of skidding on the roads. Salt on the roads only does so much and it can also damage your tires if the tread is not deep enough. The cold weather also causes your tire pressure to drop, resulting in the handling of the vehicle becoming more difficult as it’s harder for your tire to grab the ground. The loss of tire pressure makes your tread wear out much faster than usual as well. Class C motorhomes may have more than four tires on them, such as the 2021 Entegra Coach Esteem 29V. This makes it even more important to ensure these tires are prepared for the winter. 


If you need help winterizing your Class C motorhome, Bretz RV & Marine is here to help! With 2 service stations in both Montana and Idaho, we’re an easy call away. Schedule a winterization appointment, an appliance check, or any of our other services at one of the stations soon as we are running out of space in our schedule! You don’t want to end up having any trouble during the winter! Here is a list of the locations: 

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