Stand Up Paddleboard for Your Health!

Are you wondering what the big deal is with the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) craze?  Well, the best way to find out is to buy one and give it a try!  You won’t believe how versatile the boards are–whether you want to hit the white water or enjoy the calmness of a mountain or urban lake.  The best part is that Bretz RV & Marine sells them for an unbeatable price!  Check out five excellent reasons to purchase your Stand Up Paddleboard from Bretz RV & Marine:

Stand Up Paddleboard Washington

1. Exercise

Getting from point A to point B requires you to paddle, which is exercise, but you don’t even realize you’re working out…which is awesome!  Paddleboarding is a great way to increase your upper body strength while strengthening your core. The faster you paddle, the better workout you get! Your balancing and coordination skills will be top notch from paddleboarding, AND you can also surf with your paddleboard!  You control your activity level–and the scenery is FANTASTIC, way better than a gym!

Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing2. Quality Time with Friends and Family

If you’re on the water paddling, you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat.  With so much time spent on electronic devices these days, quality time without electronics is virtually non-existent in many households.  Get a few boards so you and family can paddle around and not be distracted by technology.  You may learn something about somebody you care about that you didn’t know AND you might even have an awesome time.  Trade in the electronics for paddles and give it a try!

3. Different Perspective

Because paddleboards are so versatile, you can pretty much take them anywhere–especially where boats won’t fit.  Take a look at areas you have always wanted to see from the water, but you just didn’t have the means.  Whether you’re looking in the water below you or the area above water around you–the views are incredible from a paddleboard.

Stand Up Paddleboard Dog

4. Relax and Reset

Many people find that doing yoga on their SUP is relaxing, while others don’t need to even be doing anything at all while they are on their board.  Even just paddling out to the middle of a lake and sitting on your board–away from people, cars, phones, everything.  Just you, the water and the sky.  Destressing on your SUP can be done any way that you see fit.  There really is nothing like it–whether you’re in a tropical location, at a mountain lake, in an urban city pond or in a badlands river–you can’t help but to just feel good.

5. Stand Up Paddleboard Accessories!

The SurfStow VoyageAir 1100 has six exclusive Landing Pad attachment discs between the top and the bottom of the board and they allow easy attachment of suction-cup accessories (such as a GoPro, underwater SUPGLO lights and more).  The GoPro accessory even doubles as a water bottle cradle!  See what’s going on in the water below you during a night ride or record your adventure on the water during the day.  The possibilities are endless with the SurfStow VoyageAir 1100!


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Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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