How To Select A Campsite


If there’s one thing every RVer is after it’s the perfect campsite! That perfect place where you’ve got access to trails and the woods, noise is minimal, and you’ve got all the privacy you could demand. Check out these tips on how to choose the perfect campsite.

Reviews | Check out reviews from trusted sites like Although many campground websites have reviews on them, it’s better to get reviews from unbiased sources. Oftentimes reviews tell you the perks of the campgrounds and what to look out for. You can even see pictures posted by reviewers.

Consider Your Style | Do you like roughing it? Do you enjoy group activities or prefer to do activities as a family? Are you retired and looking for a space without children? Think about what your camping style is and look at RV campgrounds that match your style.

Think About Amenities | Determine what your campground needs to keep you comfortable. Do you need laundry facilities to get the wash done? Is wi-fi a must so you can communicate back home or even work? If the campground you’re looking at comes with the amenities you want make sure they’re reliable. Sometimes a park with have laundry facilities, but they’re not up to par with your cleanliness. Other times they’ll offer wi-fi, but it’s out most of the time. This is another instance where reviews come in handy.

Is It Pet Friendly | If you’re traveling with pets you’ll want to make sure your RV park is pet friendly and has adequate amenities for your pets, including a dog park and dog friendly beaches. Not all RV parks welcome dogs and some time welcome pets, but don’t love the idea of having pets around.

Call The Campground | Call the campground and ask them important questions like what their cancellation policy is; the length and width of sites; whether the sites have grass, concrete, dirt, or grave pads; and anything else that might come to mind. Consider how the person you’re speaking to treats you. Are they friendly? If they’re not or if something is off putting then try finding another campground. The first impression is the last impression!

Choosing a campground is an art that is perfected over time. This list is by no means exhaustive. What tips do you have for choosing a campground? Share with us on Facebook or Google+.

Photo Credit: By vastateparksstaff [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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