Safety Tips For Boating This Summer!

We are all excited to get out on the boat and enjoy the water! However, we need to prepare ourselves and make sure we are safe during the boating experience! So let’s take a look at some boating safety tips for this summer!

Prepare Your Boat Safety Kit

Keeping your boat safety kit prepared and onboard is something to do before every boating trip. Having a boat safety kit can come in very handy if there are emergencies or quick fixes that need to be made. Here are some essential items to keep in your boating safety kit: flashlight, duct tape, bucket, first aid kit, whistle, ropes, mirror, garbage bags, fire extinguisher, and life jackets.

Always Have Life Jackets

This may be an obvious tip, but always having and wearing your life jacket when boating is a must-know tip. Having life jackets equipped and onboard is something that needs to be done by all boaters as they keep you afloat if you are in the water! Some can even turn you face-up in case of an emergency. Make sure they fit properly and have children wear them at all times!

Check the Weather

Boating is never fun if the weather is bad! Checking the weather before setting off will keep you prepared for what is ahead. Wind and choppy waters can be dangerous for some boats, so if that applies to your boat, plan for another day.

Use Common Sense on the Water

Just like driving a car, there are rules on the water! Use common sense such as staying alert behind the wheel, driving at a safe speed, and having all passengers in a safe position while driving the boat. Also, be courteous to other boaters and people who may be out on the water!

Develop a Float Plan

Before heading out, you should let someone you trust or someone at the local marina your float plan! For the float plan, you should include your name, address, phone numbers of all onboard, boat type, registration information, trip itinerary, and types of communication and signal equipment onboard. This will help ensure that someone knows where you might be in case of an emergency!


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