RVing Pets and Their People – A Few Tips to Consider Before You Go

Part of the reason RVing is so awesome is because you can bring your furbabies with you!  RVing pets are becoming increasingly prevalent with their people.

Here are a few tips for RVing Pets and People sharing the same space from a fellow RVer:
RVing Pets Airstream
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1) Bring your RVingm pet’s current vaccination paperwork–especially proof of rabies.  Some RV parks and international destinations require this documentation.  Better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it!

2) Before you let your pet go in an area near or actually where you’re camping, inspect the area to make sure it is safe from objects that could harm your RVing pet (i.e. – broken glass, garbage, etc.)  Sometimes campers are not as respectful as they should be, which is why we should always scour the area before leaving any camping area, and garbage is left behind.

3) CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET!  They aren’t going to clean up after themselves (most of them won’t anyway…)  Don’t leave your pet’s waste in your wake–be a responsible RVing pet owner out of respect for other RVers and campers if not for yourself and your pet.

RVing Pets Cat
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4) Regardless of how well-behaved your RVing pet is off-leash, keep your pet on a leash.  The other dog that your dog innocently wanders up to could possibly be on a leash for a reason. Also, there are many reports of bears, wolves and cougars attacking and killing dogs that wandered just a tad too far from their families.  Also, just because somebody has a dog doesn’t mean they like other random dogs hanging out in their campsite–even if they have well-behaved dogs, too.  Just keep your dog on a leash to keep them safe and to avoid any unnecessary situations.

5) Do tick and flea checks every single night and it might be smart to have a flea collar on your pet to start with–just in case.

6) Other than having all your pet’s necessary food and water, dishes, bedding and toys, don’t forget grooming tools, as if your pet sheds, brushing them outside before returning to the close quarters in  your rv would be a great way to minimizing shedding inside your RV.

RVing Pets Dog
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7) If you leave your pet unattended, don’t tie them up and leave them outside, as that essentially could make them bait to certain wildlife.  Keep them inside where there is a reliable source of power with plenty of fresh air (using heat or a/c) with water.  Doggy day cares are sometimes provided at RV parks, too.

8) MAKE SURE YOUR UP-TO-DATE CELL PHONE IS ON YOUR DOG’S TAGS!  Nobody plans for their pet to get lost, but life happens sometimes, so it’s best to be prepared for anything–especially on the road in unfamiliar areas.

9) Follow the rules of the RV park  you are in, whether you’re just visiting the park next door because your friends are at that one or it is the one where you are staying.  If there is a designated area for pets, then that is where you take your pet.  If the rules state your pet should be leashed even if there is nobody else at the park, then leash your pet.

10) Show your dog the sights of the area you ares you are visiting!  Don’t leave them cramped up inside the RV the entire time you’re out.  If you are at a place that doesn’t allow pets for the most part, find time to spend with your pet and let them have some fun, too.  After all, you brought them along and they are family!

11) Make sure you create a checklist of items for your pet–especially vaccinations.  Don’t forget toys!  Animals get bored, too, plus, the familiarity of toys from home could possibly comfort your pet in a new-to-them environment.

For more information on how to make your RV vacation the best it can be with RVing pets, click here.

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