RV Mythbuster

RV Mythbusters

Newcomers to RVing might not know all of the intricacies of owning RVs, and because of that, many myths surrounding RVs exist. These myths can mislead newcomers, and in some cases, they can be dangerous to believe. We’re here to help clear up some of the fog surrounding these pesky myths!


Myth 1: Meaning Of RV Model Numbers


With a quick glance, a model number like the Esteem 27U might indicate that the RV is 27 feet long. And while some RV brands do incorporate the correct length into the RV model number, not all do. Keep this in mind when browsing online for your next RV! That Esteem 27U is actually close to 30 feet long, coming in at 29ft 11in. The model length is often the approximate length of the living quarters, not including the tongue or bumper. 


Myth 2: An RV Requires A Special License

Don’t get us wrong, it takes time to become accustomed to driving an RV. But you don’t need anything like a commercial license to drive a normal RV. There are a couple of states that require a Class B license, but only for RVs that weigh over 26,000 pounds. For comparison, a top of the line Class C Motorhome hovers around ~20,000 pounds. It’s often only when you get up into the Class As that the threshold is reached. But given that most states don’t require any special certifications, you should be good to go.


Myth 3: You Can’t Take RVs To Cities

While it is inherently difficult to drive an RV inside a packed city, many major metropolitan areas offer nearby RV camping with full hookups, so you won’t need to take in the full gambit when going to a city. You can park nearby, and take an uber or taxi inside the city if you want. Or you can tow your car behind your RV.


Myth 4: RVing Is Lonely

If you believe RVing is lonely, consider these ideas! Many RVers make friends with their campsite neighbors. Many RVers vacation with their family and friends, making an excursion in the RV anything but lonely! Additionally, the RV Bunch has 33,000 members across the country and they even host meetups for all RVers across the country. However, there is something to be said for taking some personal time, away from crowds, and relaxing in a campsite on your own. 

Myth 5: Sway Control is Unnecessary

First of all, not only is having no sway control a myth, but is also flat out dangerous. While your car might have factory installed sway control, that doesn’t mean the trailer does. Make sure you always have a properly installed sway device when towing large trailers. You can visit our Parts Department, or consider talking with our RV experts. Bretz RV and Marine strongly encourages every RV user to utilize sway control. 


Myth 6: I Don’t Need To Winterize

This is quite false. If you were to leave your RV exposed to the elements, your RV might suffer long term damage – a costly mistake. Winterizing is especially important if you live in an area that gets cold, wet weather during winter. Remember, owning an RV is an investment, and you’ll want to protect it as best as possible.


Myth 7: Buying An RV With A Used Generator Is An Added Value 

Getting a used generator with an RV might sound like a great idea, but depending on how little that generator was used, it can be quite the opposite. This is because a lack of ‘exercise’ for a generator can cause moisture build-up and fuel system degradation that make the generator run poorly. According to the generator manufacturer, Cummins, it only takes 30 days of sitting idle before the fuel in a gasoline-powered generator begins to gum and varnish the fuel system. If you are in need of a new generator, contact our Parts Department to enquire about new generators.


Myth 8: Larger RVs And Trailers Are Always Better

Everyone has an opinion regarding the best type of RV. For some, driving anything less than a fully kitted Class A is sacrilegious. Others see larger RVs as a burden to take care off.  In the end, it is all up to you. Find what is perfect for you and your family. You can view our inventory at Bretz RV & Marine to get the process started.


In the end, all it takes to disprove these myths is some research. We recommend contacting our Sales Experts at Bretz RV and Marine when you are thinking about buying a RV. Not only can we answer any questions you may have about owning an RV, but we can start you on the process of buying an RV.


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