RV Lifestyle: Top Road Trip Games

Heading out to your favorite RV spot or checking out a place you’ve never been before? You’ll want something to until you get there. Long road trips in particular can be a bit boring when you’re still in the part of the trip where you’re just watching the miles of road roll by. When the music and podcasts run out, you’ll want some classic road trip games ready to go. These can help keep the whole camping party entertained, so check out some of our favorites below. If you’d like additional advice, stop by our RV dealership, Bretz RV & Marine in Missoula, Montana, near Kalispell and Helena. Let one of our experienced staff know about your trip, and we can help you with all your RV-related needs.

I, Spy

We’ll start with the classic. I, Spy is a road trip game so iconic that it has its own franchise with a book series and video game collection. The game starts with one person finding something around them that’s visible to the rest of the camping party (and will continue to be visible for several minutes). Then they say, “I spy, with my little eye, something…” and provide a clue as to what they’re looking at. For example, if you see a big red barn, you might say, “I spy, with my little eye, something red.” Then, everyone else has to guess what you’re looking at. The first person to guess it then gets to do the spying. Remember that if you’re traveling with younger campers, they’ll need more obvious hints to find the answer.

20 Questions

This is another guessing game, but it doesn’t rely on your surroundings. This time, one person thinks of something, anything in the whole universe, real or not real, and the rest of the traveling party gets to ask up to 20 “yes or no” questions to figure out what it is. If the car can’t figure it out, then the first person wins. If someone can guess the thing, then that person gets to think of the next item. It might be helpful to start with big category questions like, “Is it a movie/animal/song, etc.”

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game can either fly by pretty quickly or take a while to finish, depending on where you are. The basic premise of the game is to find every letter in the alphabet, in order, on passing signs and buildings. Simple enough, right? Some people like to make things a little harder by only allowing you to use letters that come at the beginning of a word, and will exclude some easier ways to find the harder letters, like license plates and big trucks.

The License Plate Game

This can be a great game to play over the course of the entire trip and a fun way to spot plates you’d never see in your home state. Keep track of the different state license plates you pass on the road and see how close to all fifty you can get (don’t rule out any state, no matter how far away they are!). You can simply keep a running list, or you can make a checklist ahead of time and make the game more competitive. Pro-tip: semi-trucks and fellow RVers tend to travel long distances, and popular national attractions like federal parks and family fun areas draw people from all over the country.

Don’t see your favorite road trip game on our list? Stop by Bretz RV & Marine in Missoula, MT and tell us all about it. Or ask one of our friendly staff to show you around the RVs we have available right now. We proudly serve Kalispell and Helena!

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