RV Accesory must have

A major highlight of owning an RV is that for the traveling family, it is their home away from home! Make sure you have the tools and essentials needed in case of an emergency – you never know when one will arise!

We have listed some of the basic necessities to make sure you are RVing safely and that you have all of the tools you need to solve any RV troubles that might arise!

1. Roadside Emergency Kit


A must-have for any vehicle! We suggest keeping a roadside emergency kit designed specifically for your RV on hand at all times. Each kit has something different but we recommend finding one that has the following items: jumper cables, flashlights, and an air compressor to help fill deflated tires.

2. 101-Piece Tool Kit


If you’re handy around the house, take those skills on the road! Make sure you have all the tools it takes to solve any problem that might arise. Look for a toolkit with a socket set, wrenches, pliers, hammer, and a screwdriver. These should get you started if any complications arise. Sometimes all you need is a little fix to get you back on the road. However, we recommend leaving the bigger jobs to the pros at Bretz RV & Marine’s Service Department

3. Battery Terminal Cleaner


If your RV is failing to start, one of the things you might first check is your battery connections. One of the most common issues with a bad battery connection is some sort of corrosion build-up that may be blocking the connection. An easy way to fix this issue is to have a battery terminal cleaner that grinds away any type of corrosion.

4. RV Tire Repair Kit


We suggest always having a spare tire for your RV. However, if you don’t, then we suggest looking into getting an RV Tire Repair Kit. Kits can typically repair punctures up to ¼” inch in size. You also don’t need to worry about it degrading anything as it won’t cause any type of corrosion or rust on the rims! Don’t be left with a flat tire!

5. Portable Air Compressor


A portable air compressor is a must-have for all RVing families. Smaller ones, like the one featured in the image above, should only be used on smaller fixes. It is perfect for smaller tires that you would see on bikes, carts, or small trailers. We don’t recommend attempting to air up larger tires like you would find on your RV, car, or truck though. Also, try finding an air compressor that runs on a 12V battery to make it easier to recharge.

6. First Aid Kit


The term accessory may indicate something optional, but a First Aid Kit is certainly a must-have. Like the old adage says, expect the unexpected. Always make sure you bring a First Aid Kit on any RV adventure!

Try finding a first aid kit that is both lightweight and compact, so that way you can bring it in a backpack while adventuring away from your RV. There are plenty of first aid kits to choose from, but we recommend finding a 2 in 1. This way you can have a larger first aid kit that you can leave in the RV, and a smaller one that you can take out and about!


7. Wheel Chocks


Wheel chocks are another necessary accessory for RV owners. Wheel chocks make sure your camper or RV doesn’t shift or roll after you set it up. We suggest finding chokes that have vibrant colors. This way, they’ll be harder to forget when packing up the RV. This will help prevent any accident that could happen by running over them while leaving the campground.

If you find yourself needing some of the accessories mentioned in this blog, visit our parts department at any of our Bretz RV & Marine locations!

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