Proper Camp Safety to Ensure a Great Time!


Getting outdoors and camping is an activity enjoyed by many people today! It can be extremely fun, but staying safe is the number one priority when camping. So let’s take a look at some proper camp safety to ensure a great time this summer! 


Risks Around the Tent


Once you have arrived at the campsite, make sure you pick out a safe spot to pitch the tent. There can be some risks around the campsite that can be dangerous to children and adults as well. Try to avoid putting your tent under large gum trees as large branches can be dropped by animals or wind. In case of rain, make sure you are on ground that won’t be susceptible to water flowing down to it. Watch out for ant nests and try to stay away from rivers, creeks, or steep drop-offs if you have younger children with you! 


Bring Plenty of Water & Food


Packing enough food and water is a must when camping. While some campsites have drinking water, you shouldn’t rely on that as your only source of water. Bringing food is an obvious thing, but properly packing and storing it is important. If food needs to stay cold, invest in a quality cooler that will keep it cool for a long period of time. Try to keep your food airtight and secured properly to avoid animals and bugs from getting in. 


Check/Prepare for Weather


Make sure to keep an eye on the weather report and pack accordingly if the weather isn’t going to be great. If it’s going to be hot, then pack sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and anything you believe is necessary for hot weather. If it’s going to be colder, make sure to pack warm clothes such as thick socks, fleece jackets, and some warm pants! 


Watch For Wildlife


You may run into some wildlife while camping since you are out in nature. Small critters and bugs won’t cause many issues and if they do, insect repellent and long pants and tops will help keep them at bay. Make sure you don’t feed the wildlife in the area as it can change their behavior and make them more aggressive for food from humans. 


Campfire Safety


Campfires are a staple when it comes to camping, but they can be dangerous. Make sure to check your surroundings before starting up the fire. Keep it away from your tent and other flammable objects. Don’t even think about starting a fire if it is dry and windy. Also, never leave a fire unattended. Put out the fire if you are leaving and make sure to put it out with water rather than dirt as coals can stay hot for more than 8 hours! Lastly, keep the fires simple. Don’t use flammable liquids to start the fire and make sure you have all the necessary items to control it nearby. 


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