Preventing & Treating Seasickness While Boating

Nothing ruins a relaxing cruise on your boat faster than the sudden lightheadedness, dizzy feeling and nausea that come with a bout of seasickness. Seasickness, simply called “motion sickness” when experienced on land, results from a physiological reaction to movement, where signals received by the brain from the eyes and inner ear are misinterpreted. This confusion in your sensory processing results in a feeling of imbalance that can make you feel faint and disoriented. You may even vomit if the nausea becomes too overwhelming.

Suffice to say that seasickness is not a pleasant feeling, and it’s one of the chief complaints of mariners and their passengers alike. Given the right conditions, it can strike anyone, even the hardiest of sailors, so having remedies and strategies for seasickness treatment is handy for everyone.

Fortunately, preventing and treating the causes of seasickness is not too difficult a task. The Bretz RV & Marine guide to preventing seasickness should help you to address the common triggers for seasickness on your boat to ensure that you and your passengers have a safe journey. If you want to swap more tips about staying healthy on the high seas, visit our dealership in Missoula, MT.

Use Natural Remedies

Certain time-tested remedies are not prescriptive in nature, but they can help you feel better, even if it’s simply via a placebo effect. Acupuncture wristbands are worn over your pulse, providing light pressure on the pulse point. Many people swear by them as a cure for motion sickness. Ginger and peppermint are common motion sickness remedies, whether in candy or tea form, as they both settle the stomach and clear your sinuses, making it easier to breathe. One benefit of these remedies is that they have no side effects.

Medicinal Solutions

If you want to nip nausea in the bud, seek out prescription and over-the-counter medications meant to treat motion sickness and nausea. Some of these include Dramamine, Bonine and scopolamine. They can be obtained from a pharmacist or your doctor. Make sure to take these medications well before boarding. Also, do not give these medications to children under the age of 12.

Avoid Bad Smells

One very common trigger for seasickness is lingering in close quarters with strong smells around. Whether it’s the smell of trash, caught fish, cooking food or perfume, these scents can overwhelm your senses and make you feel queasy. Similarly, if anyone else is feeling sick or vomiting, you’ll want to give them a very wide berth, as the mere sight of this often provokes nausea in people, especially if the surrounding conditions have already weakened them.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Similarly, being intoxicated or hungover will do you no favors on the rocky sea. Drinking makes you dehydrated, increasing your susceptibility to motion sickness. Avoid alcohol for two days before your voyage and don’t drink while you’re on board the boat. You should be drinking plenty of water in addition to ginger ale or herbal tea to further stave off dehydration and settle your stomach.

Eat Lightly

While you may not be moved to eat when you’re feeling sick to your stomach, being hungry can actually make you feel worse. The solution is to eat a light and somewhat bland meal or snack that will serve to settle your stomach without triggering nausea. Good foods for this include non-acidic fruits like bananas, bread or savory crackers or pretzels, honey and applesauce.

Focus On The Horizon

The imbalance you experience during seasickness can be remedied by giving your senses a steady point of focus to distract from the rocking motion of the boat in the waves. Focusing on a stable, distant object like the horizon can help you to regain your balance and reduce seasickness symptoms quickly. Wind in your face and fresh air will also help, so getting above deck as much as you can will benefit you, too.

Following these tips will help you and your passengers to regain your sea legs and banish “mal de mer” from your boat. If you’re in the market for a steady boat that will take you on a fantastic voyage, visit our dealership in Missoula today. Bretz RV & Marine also proudly serves Kalispell and Helena, Montana.

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