Outdoor Things to Do By Yourself



Looking for a way to get outside on your own? There are some days where you just want to hit the road and experience the great outdoors by yourself. The peace and quiet are sometimes best experienced without any company. We’ve come up with a list of outdoor activities you can do by yourself. 

Read a Book in the Sunshine


Get some much-needed vitamin D and catch up on that reading list. There are a ton of awesome books out there about fishing and how-to guides on how to make your next fishing trip better! Or pick up a local hiking book and see what there is to explore around you. You can make an afternoon of it and take a walk to a park and enjoy the breeze while learning something new.  


Take a Hike!


A solo hike is a good place to start your solo outdoor activities. Be sure to let a friend or family member know where you’re going before you head out by yourself –– safety first! Additionally, make sure you are aware of the trail length and difficulty before you go, and be sure to carry bear spray if you are going to enjoy time in bear country! 


Walk around a new city – or your hometown

Travel bugs tend to bite hardest in the summertime, and sometimes you just have to scratch the itch. Take a day (or several!) to explore a city on foot, whether that be in some exotic destination or the town you live in now. Pop into cafes, antique stores, museums, or whatever strikes your fancy, as if you were a tourist in a foreign city. Take pictures of the architecture you find beautiful. Rent a bike. Be a tourist. You’ll be surprised how much fun you have, and how much you may learn about your own hometown!


Start an outdoorsy hobby


Spend more time in the great outdoors, why not start up a new warm-weather hobby? Said outdoor endeavors can range from high-activity (mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking) to easy-going (gardening, fishing) and can help infuse the summer months with the thrill of adventure. 


Explore the farmer’s markets in your city – and cook what you buy!

There’s something extra special about cooking and eating truly fresh, local, seasonal food. Make a point to visit any and all farmer’s markets in your area to get the full scope of what your city has to offer. Try to think up ways to prepare the produce you find as you shop, rather than preparing a shopping list ahead of time. Getting creative in the kitchen with quality ingredients makes for an entertaining (and delicious) summer hobby.


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