5 Camping Hacks To Improve Your Trip!

Preparing for a camping trip can sometimes be difficult, leading to you forgetting something. No need to worry, as there are plenty of tips and tricks that can save you! Let’s take a look at our top 5 camping hacks that are sure to improve your trip!

Burn Sage to Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can single-handedly ruin a camping trip as their buzzing and bites are extremely annoying. Bug repellent can keep them away, but using too much can be hazardous. So before leaving for your trip, bring along a few bundles of sage! Mosquitoes are naturally repelled by sage smoke, so burning this around the campsite can keep them away. We suggest throwing a bit of the sage into your campfire, preferably at dusk or dawn when mosquitoes are more active!

Corn Chips Make Great Kindling!

Starting up a fire can be difficult sometimes when we don’t have good kindling. Instead of scavenging around your campsite for flammable candidates, try using a handful of corn chips such as Doritos! You may be questioning the validity of this, but Doritos have a ton of scratches, chemicals, oils, and flavors that make it a great candidate for combustion and thus fire! The corn oil in Doritos and other corn chips provides a steady burn that will allow you to get that fire up and running!

Dry Your Shoes Quicker

You can never trust the weather and sometimes a rain shower will get you and your shoes drenched. Walking around in damp shoes is no fun, so here is a hack for you. First, take out the insoles and let them dry by themselves as they will dry much faster. Then grab an already worn shirt or some newspaper and stuff them in your shoes. Leave them overnight and when you wake up, they should be dry and ready to go!

Use Frisbees as Plates

Did someone forget to pack the plates for the camping trip? Don’t worry, there is an alternative that is both effective and fun! Grab yourself a frisbee, give a good wash, flip it over, and boom, you’ve got yourself a plate! This dual-purpose “plate” is a fun hack that can provide some pre-meal fun as well!

Glue Sandpaper Inside Your Match Holder

Matches are an important item when camping and it seems like there is always something going wrong with them. They can get wet, the case gets soggy, or the strike pad can become defective. This hack will ensure none of these things happen. Get some fine-grained sandpaper, a waterproof container, and your matches. Glue or stick your sandpaper to the inside of the container and put your matches in there as well. Now you have a waterproof matchbox with a very reliable strike pad!


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