Our Go-To Rivers For Fishing in Montana!


Montana is a beautiful state with tons of flowing rivers throughout. These rivers are great for many things, but the most popular is fishing! So here are our go-to rivers for fishing in Montana! 


Gallatin River

Originating in Yellowstone National Park, the Gallatin River is a great spot for fishing in Montana. It is a very picturesque river with crystal clear waters and an alpine environment along it. The Gallatin River holds a ton of trout, ensuring that your next fishing trip will be filled with fast action and high catch rates! 


Big Hole River

Big Hole River is a classic river within Montana. It is home to 5 different species of game fish: brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, and fluvial arctic grayling. High country meadows, tight canyons, and wide open cottonwood river bottom land allows for a wide variety of water types. This creates things like pocket water, riffles, pools, shallow edges, deep runs, undercut banks, and long tail outs, meaning you’ll have the chance to catch your next trophy fish! 


Madison River 

The Madison River goes all the way from Yellowstone National Park to the Missouri River. This means there are plenty of different sections of the river that offer different habitats, scenery, hatches, and fishing techniques. This means every time you go fishing on the Madison River, your experience will never be the same! This is a reason why the Madison River is one of the most popular fishing rivers in Montana!


Boulder River

If you are a fan of fly fishing, the Boulder River is one the best in Montana! The Boulder River originates in the Absorka Beartooth Wilderness which is north of Yellowstone Park. The river is loaded with rainbow and brown trout so you’ll be getting constant bites on this river. The crystal clear water of the Boulder River makes it very entertaining as you can see the fish come and grab your bait!


Jefferson River

The Jefferson River is one of the most underrated rivers to fish on in Montana. The river is rarely crowded with fishers due to the fact that the trout numbers are lower than others in the region, but that means you can have a nice peaceful experience. Even with the lower trout numbers, the Jefferson River can produce some outstanding fishing with the right conditions. It has a reputation for some big fish so it could be your next big spot! 


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