Open Range RVs: Your Ticket to Quality

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The quality of the RV you vacation in can make a big difference in the quality of your time on the road. That’s the main reason why we offer Open Range RVs. Known for incredible quality, comfort and affordability these fifth wheels and travel trailers have something to offer even the most discerning RVer. Read on to learn why Open Range might be the perfect manufacturer for you to choose.

2 Year Transferable Warranty

How many times have you looked at buying an RV, only to find out that the warranty isn’t transferable? This can be a major deal breaker as it makes selling your RV harder. Whether your family grows and you need a larger unit or an unforeseen event comes up that keeps you from being able to hit the road, a transferable warranty will make selling your RV much easier.


Gas prices are lower than we’ve seen in quite a long time, but that doesn’t mean we need to spend more on gas than necessary. Open Range RVs are 10-15% lighter than other comparable units on the market, which means towing and maneuvering is much easier. This also means that you’ll save money on gas.

Heated and Enclosed Underbelly

A heated and enclosed underbelly gives you the freedom and flexibility to vacation in a wide variety of climates. It keeps your tanks from freezing and protects them from any flying rocks or debris.

R-38 Insulation

R-38 insulation in the ceiling and floor keeps the heat in when it’s cold out and the air conditioning in when it’s hot out. You can rest confident your unit will be incredibly efficient, thus making it more affordable and more earth friendly.

42″ Deep Slides

Deeps slides provide you with plenty of room to relax while parked. While competitors’ slides might expand the space just a little, these larger slides turn your RV into the sized of a small vacation home.

Interested in learning more about Open Range? Our selection includes the Open Range, Light, Roamer, and 3X.

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