Olympic National Park: Enjoy The Mountains!

olympic national park
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Being located in the Northwest area of the country, we have a different breed of ecosystem up here. If you’ve ever been to our part of the country, you’ll notice a major difference from just about any other National Park you visit. It’s noticeably greener with trees as far as you can see in every direction. One of the most popular National Parks within a reasonable driving distance is the Olympic National Park.


Located on the far West Washington coastline, the park itself has over 922,000 acres of land. That includes 60 miles of coastline, the world-renowned Mt. Olympus, ancient glaciers, and a temperate rainforest all within the park’s boundaries. If you’re bringing your RV to the park, then remember to have your heater checked! During the Summer, the highs hover around 72 degrees and the lows stay around 50 degrees. The real kicker is the Winter months, with highs around 40 and lows around 32. Making sure your fireplace is clean and your heating unit is in perfect working order is a must before any Winter vacationing.


With numerous mountain peaks (Mt Olympus, Mt. Deception, and Mt. Constance being the most popular), climbing is one of the most popular outdoor activities that takes place in the park. All three of the aforementioned peaks rise above 7,000 feet, so you know you’ll be getting a workout when you make the decision to start climbing.

With Olympic National Park being one of the wildest places left in the lower 48 States, you can spend days exploring the wilderness. There are over 366,000 acres of old growth forest for you to marvel at and admire.

During the Winter, you have the option to partake in many Winter-specific sports and activities. Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling are all allowed in the park, so if you’ve got a toy hauler, it may be time to load it up! There are not many national parks where you can snow ski and then take a guided wilderness trek on the same day.

Along the coast there are 73 miles of coastline to fish, swim, and enjoy the water. Whether you enjoy sandy beaches, cliffs or boardwalks, it’s all there, just waiting for you to experience.

Where Can We Stay?

There are quite a few RV park within a short distance of the park. Here are a few to consider.

Salt Creek RV Park & Golf
53802 Highway 112
Port Angeles, WA
(360) 928-2488

Elwha Dam RV Park
47 Lower Dam Rd
Port Angeles, WA
(360) 452-7054

Conestoga Quarters RV Park
40 Sieberts Creek Rd
Port Angeles, WA
(360) 452-4637

We’re convinced that when you visit Olympic National Park that it will become one of your go-to vacations. Have you ever been? What did you think?

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