Necessities For Your RV and Tow Vehicle

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We never anticipate having an emergency situation when we hitch up and hit the road. We always expect things to go smoothly, no accidents, mechanical failures or injuries. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Accidents will happen and machines will fail, from time to time. It’s not such a big deal if you’re prepared for whatever may come your way when you’re out on the highway or parked in a campsite for the weekend. We’ve put together a list of absolutely necessary items that you need to have in your RV and tow vehicle at all times. These are items that could come in handy or even save a life next time you hit the road.

1. First Aid Kit

Being outside a lot means you’re gonna get scrapes, bug bites, and injuries, no matter how careful you are. For all the hikers out there, you know just how painful it is to get a scrape from a tree branch, or thorn bush. Those scrapes need to be treated and covered with bandages, to lessen your chances of getting an infection. A good first aid kit with gauze, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and other medical items will come in handy, especially if you have kids! Kids are always getting injured and it’s always best to have something close by to relieve their pain.

2. Emergency Roadside Kit

A good emergency roadside kit contains jumper cables, a flashlight, various tools, and flashers or flares. Some of the higher end kits also come with an air compressor! A roadside kit will provide you with the necessary tools to warn other drivers of your situation, and allowing people to stop an help, if necessary. Even if it’s a tire blowout, the help is always appreciated. Keep an emergency roadside kit in your tow vehicle at all times, even when you’re not pulling an RV!

3. Tool Kit

We see them every time we walk into a hardware store. The tool kits with multiple screwdrivers, wrenches and various tools. These will come in handy when something breaks and needs your attention. Got a loose screw in your kitchen? Is your awning in need of some tightening? With a comprehensive tool kit, you can take care of just about anything and get it back to working order.

4. Battery-Powered Jump Starter

A dead battery is no fun. you accidentally left your lights on when you went in to eat dinner and come out to find your headlights fading fast. If you’ve got a battery-powered jump starter, that won’t be a problem! Just hook up the jumper cables, turn it on, then crank up your tow vehicle. I can’t tell you how many times mine has come in handy. Many of the newer models are also equipped with an air compressor and USB port. I recommend having one of these in your RV, just in case you get caught in a storm. It can provide you with battery power to charge your phone or power a small radio to check on weather in case your electricity gets cut.

What do you keep in your RV and tow vehicle at all times?

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