Make your RV more homey with these ideas

Ways of Making your RV Feel more like Home

There truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME, and especially in these trying times, you want to feel at home! That means it is time to make your RV truly yours. We have listed a couple of different ways of achieving a home on wheels.

Hang Wall Decorations

Just as you would do at your home, you should decorate the walls of your RV with decorations that suit you! And we said this one first because it is an easy first step in RV customization. You can spruce up your RV with practically anything: family pictures, inspiring quotes, or places you have visited! Hang up what makes you feel at home. Now, I know a question that might arise from this idea is, “How can I hang up Items when there is so much movement from the RV?” A valid question! Thankfully, we have items like command strips, velcro, and putty to fix that exact issue. Also consider decals or vinyl stickers to stick on the walls. These options are both affordable and reusable!

Put down some rugs

You might see some laminate flooring in RVs,comfoter-min as this is simple and easy to take care of and clean. But simple and easy to clean doesn’t always lend itself to being cozy and comfy. Put down a rug or two to take that cold hard floor feeling away! Consider a small area rug to add some color and texture to your RV or add a kitchen mat to add some comfort to your cooking! Also, consider putting down some longer rugs in high traffic areas to reduce the amount of time needed cleaning the floor!

Throw Pillows and Blankets Galore

One of the best things you can do to make anything have a sense of home is to add blankets, pillows, and comforters. They can make any plain bedroom feel so much cozier. Having a good bed in your RV with matching blankets and pillows can give you a great place to relax, and isn’t that what home is all about? Texture, color, and pattern is really important when selecting these items! Finding ones that fit you can really make your RV feel lively and personalized.

Add some curtains

Some RVs don’t come with curtains or any shade at all! It’s amazing what curtains can do for an RV. Curtains make a space feel warm and more inviting. It gives the occupants a sense of privacy. We strongly consider getting some lightweight and adjustable rods and curtains. Also, note that many RVs have A LOT of windows. It’s not always necessary to add curtains to everything. Consider reupholstering what might already be there with patterns and colors that fit you!

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