Learning Continues in the RV

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Learning Continues in the RV

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Many people have been going a little STIR CRAZY lately! One reason may be because their children need the internet to access their schoolwork. What if we told you that you could take it all on the road? Parks are starting to reopen in certain parts of the country and the possibility of having your kids learn while on the road is completely in reach!


Schooling on the road is a great solution to teaching your kids while being away from home. We like to call this “roadschooling!” With advancements in technology, internet access has become widely available practically anywhere, whether that be in your RV or in a campground. Let’s take a closer look at continuing your kids’ education on the road and look at the experiences that others have had with this!


How Tech can Help


Let’s face it, camping now looks quite different than it did years ago. Access to modern amenities has become a priority for modern day campers. One of the main amenities that relates to schooling on the road is access to the internet. 


Now, there are plenty of options when it comes to the internet. For one, there are the services offered by the campground. These can range from Dial-up and DSL to cable internet access, depending on how long you plan to stay. Talk to the office staff at your campground to find out if these are good options for you. 

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If you don’t plan to have an extended stay then most campgrounds also offer a shared Wi-Fi that all campers can access. While this may seem like a great low cost approach, many have experienced this as an unreliable way to access the internet. Internet speed and crowded public networks may be at play here. Visit these websites while planning your trip to figure out what campgrounds have WiFi: Montana and Idaho.


Also consider using hotspot services. This allows your children to access the internet on any device that they need, as long as your phone (or other hotspot device) is receiving cell coverage. Think about calling ahead to the campground office to check cell coverage before committing to any plans. Cell providers offer dedicated hotspot devices for situations like this, so you don’t have to use your phone.


The last option is for camping enthusiasts who want to have a more stable internet coverage anywhere they go. This is to get Satellite Internet in your RV. This is a more costly investment as installation can range into the thousands of dollars, but it will provide a baseline internet wherever you go. The quality of service itself can vary depending on a couple factors (i.e. weather or time of day), but it should have the most uptime out of all the options. 


The RVing family has several flexible options to choose from! Ask a specialist at Bretz RV and Marine how you can be prepared to access the internet on all your travels!



We’ve already mentioned how flexible learning on the go is, but there are other benefits that mobile schooling offers the RVing family as well! 

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Depending on how your children’s school structures their classwork and video conferences, schooling on the go allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling activities. You may not need to abide by the typical 8am-3pm typical school schedule anymore!


Additionally, the flexibility ties in when choosing options of where to go. You won’t be tied down to your school’s location. You can take it on the road and head anywhere you want! You just have to keep in mind any time zone changes so your children can turn in assignments on time.

Connect with Others


Schooling on the road is a concept thousands have taken on across the United States. There are large Facebook communities dedicated to this exact topic. So if you have any questions about how to get started, there are plenty of others that have already gone through this process who you can learn from. Some have actually embraced roadschooling as a default way of life for their children, so they should know the answers to any questions you have. We invite you to check out these facebook groups: Homeschool Printables, Tot School and Easy Teaching.

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Jessica of Exploring the Local Life says you can also find more people to connect with at RV rallies, local homeschooling meetups, RV homeschooling meetups, local community centers, and other gatherings. These people have taken on Roadschooling as a way of life, so you can feel assured that they know what they are talking about.


The more you are on the road, the more likely you can find others in the same boat as well! Don’t be afraid to ask when you see another family doing the same.


Getting Along

We wanted to share this in closing, because it aligns with the learning content in our blog this week. Being kind, compassionate, helpful, and grateful is often easier said than done. It takes effort, it takes practice, and it takes intentional energy to learn to slow down and think before you respond. Be the Sun, Not the Salt. During the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, it was hard for many to be kind to themselves and their families. As we are able to go out and enjoy more of what used to be our normal routine, we may find that our spirits are lifted, and that being kind and maintaining a positive attitude is easier than it might have been. Recently Lilly and Natalie, two very positive 2nd graders from Mrs. Leckner’s class at Cooper Elementary in Spokane, Washington got on Zoom and shared a few thoughts with the world about how it’s going for them at home. Lilly and Natalie have some good pointers on how to be kind, helpful, patient, and Be The Sun, Not the Salt. We invite you to take a couple minutes and listen to this short message from Lilly and Natalie. The Team at Bretz RV and Marine is confident that it is easier to be kind, and Be the Sun, Not the Salt while camping in your RV. Being outdoors is healthy, it clears your mind and creates positive thoughts! We hope you have a great summer, learn lots, travel far, and have fun.




A message from Lilly and Natalie:



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