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Top Campgrounds around Glacier National Park

Montana features endless miles of stunning landscapes varying in heights, depths, and colors! The gorgeous scenery stretches all the way from the Missouri River in the east, to the Rockies in the west. As you’re traveling with your RV you’ll see breathtaking views of Montana’s natural beauty. If you are looking for a RV fit for such an excursion, take a glance at our inventory at!

Montana’s sparse population is one of the key elements that makes you feel like you have all of its natural beauty to yourself. Montana is also home to some of the most beloved national parks in America, including Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park sits at the northern border of the United States and Canada and covers one million acres in Montana. The park continues as Waterton Lakes National Park once you pass the border into Canada.

You can thank the movement of glaciers for much of the park’s natural beauty, hence the name Glacier National Park. The ecosystems of the park have gone largely unchanged for centuries, allowing opportunities to see wildlife in its purest form. The park is home to some incredible endangered species such as the Canadian lynx, bull trout, and grizzly bears.

Being so far north, Glacier National Park is frequently called the crown of the United States. With such an elegant name, it surely doesn’t disappoint with all that it offers. Before you head off exploring all of Glacier National Park, you will probably need a good spot to rest your RV. We have put together a list of some of the best RV campgrounds around the treasured park.

St. Mary Campground

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St. Mary Campground is within the park itself and is the largest campground on the eastern side of Glacier National Park. It is just a mere half-mile from the St. Mary visitor center. At the visitor center, you can find ranger programs, shuttle services, and bus tours. If you’re looking for convenience in a campground, then this campground is the one to go with. It is also very nicely located right by the entrance to a couple of popular scenic byways; Logan Pass and Going-To-The-Sun Road.

Why You’ll Love St. Mary Campground

Of all the campgrounds located within Glacier National Park, this is the most practical. While still experiencing life in the wilderness, you’ll be within walking distance from a visitor’s center that serves food and offers tours and shuttle service. Along with the convenience, you’ll also find dozens of spectacularly beautiful hiking trails nearby. If you are looking to escape the park for a bit, then the town of St. Mary is right outside the entrance.

Fish Creek Campground

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Aptly named, the Fish Creek campground is located alongside Fish Creek and Lake McDonald. Just like St. Mary, this National Park Service campground offers incredible scenery for miles. It is however a little bit longer to drive to the nearest visitor center, as the Apgar Visit Center is a couple of miles away. The famous Going-to-the-Sun Road is nearby, and you’ll find that the Apgar Mountains and Heaven’s Peak are also close by.

Why You’ll Love Fish Creek Campground

This campground is best suited for people coming to Glacier National Park by way of Whitefish or West Glacier. This campground sports unrivaled scenery, as there are nearby mountain peaks and creeks and lakes. There are plenty of bike paths and picnic areas around the side of the lake for you to enjoy with your family. And despite the campground being a popular option, it still is quite calm and quiet.


Glacier Campground

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Another campground to head to if you’re coming from West Glacier is Glacier Campground. It is probably the closest to the park without actually being inside of it. It is just 5 minutes down the road from the Apgar Visitor Center, where you’ll find the popular Lake McDonald. While not directly inside the park, Glacier Campground still offers quite a wide range of amenities. Right around the campground is a host of cafes and restaurants for you to take the family to. Nearby the campground is the Great Northern Resort and several tour companies. Pack your golf clubs, as the Glacier View Golf Club is also nearby.

Why You’ll Love Glacier Campground

Glacier campground is host to a perfect balance of adventure and convenience. It provides all the amenities of all the nearby campgrounds but also sports the convenience of being so close to all the outside restaurants and services. The actual campground itself is surrounded by the Flathead National Forest, so there’s plenty of privacy for each individual site. 

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