Forget Flying, Get Home This Christmas in an RV

merry christmas

This week is one of the busiest travel seasons. Everywhere you look people will be packing their suitcases, scheduling pet sitters and babysitters and housesitters and every other type of sitter out there, only to head to the airport to catch a flight.

Don’t forget that once they get to the airport they’ll have to go through long security lines, deal with grouchy ticketing agents, and worry about losing baggage. Plus, if you’re planning to take the kids with you (some families do use the holidays as a time to take a couple’s trip and send the kids to grandma and grandpa’s), then you’ll have to worry about bringing food for the kids that is TSA permitted and keeping them entertained. Getting them through security is a whole other issue. Of course, if you aren’t sure about what you’re allowed to bring, you could buy a $12 sandwich.

Decorating Your RV for Christmas

Does any of this sound appealing? With this being the reality of air travel these days it’s no wonder many families come home after Christmas in a bad mood and ready to get away from the family and back to work.

Don’t let that happen to you this year! Use your RV to travel to wherever you’re going and you’ll be thankful you did. First, let’s look at the most obvious benefit to using your RV. It is much more affordable! Gas is cheaper than ever, which means your fuel cost will be a drop in the bucket.

On top of that, when you travel in your RV you don’t have to worry about delayed flights or having to grab a hotel in case of inclement weather. Nope, you’ve got your home on wheels, so you can park anywhere and wait out bad weather in the comfort of your home. This actually makes travel feel like more of an adventure that burden. The kids will love having all their comfort items nearby and mom and dad will appreciate the convenience that comes without having to drag around these things from place to place.


RVs also offer you the convenience of a kitchen, so you don’t have to eat out as much while you travel.

Now, once you get to your destination, you’re going to have three options. You can stay at a pricey hotel. You can stay with your family, which works well if everyone is super close. Or you could stay in your RV, so you have your own private living space, right next door to the family. There is a fourth option: you can let the older kids use the RV as a hangout space, and the adults can enjoy being in the house.

One of the other perks of traveling in your RV is having an extra kitchen. Get your cooking done in half the time, thanks to your RV’s oven and stove!

Now, before you hit the road, you’ll want to decorate your RV. Put a cute little Charlie Brown Christmas tree up. Go overboard with decorations just for the heck of it. Add festive window clings to make people who see you driving on the road smile. And, deck the outside with lights so that once you’re parked and hooked up to power you can show off your Christmas spirit.

Whatever you decide to do, rest confident that traveling via RV is the easiest, most affordable option. It brings the family close together, allows you to see part of the country while you get home for the holidays and decreases holiday travel stress.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in your RV and make the journey part of the fun! And, if you haven’t taken the plunge and bought an RV, now is a great time to do so. Check out our selection of new and used RVs, and when we re-open on January 3rd meet with our experienced team to find the best RV for you.

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