Decorating Your RV For Christmas – Spread Christmas Cheer

Decorating Your RV for Christmas

If you’re like millions of Americans and are planning to hit the road for Christmas, then you’ve got a great opportunity to spread Christmas cheer, especially if you’re planning to take your RV with you. Decorating you RV for Christmas is a fun way to celebrate the season of cheer and laughter. To help you deck your RV out for the holidays we put together a list of fun ideas that will last throughout the elements while you get to your destination.

Christmas Lights Decorating Your RV

Consider decorating your RV by draping┬áthe outside of your RV in Christmas lights. Even though people won’t be able to see them while you’re driving, once you’re parked you can plug in your Christmas lights and entertain those at the RV park. There are some really cool LED lights that come with battery packs that you might be able to use to when driving. Just make sure the battery packs are secured so they don’t go flying off the RV and hit someone’s car!


Shimmery garland is lightweight and easy to apply to your RV while decorating. It’s also pretty affordable. The best way to apply it is to tape it to your RV. Make sure, though, that the tape you use is safe to use on the RV and won’t rip paint or decals on your RV.


Using fishing line hang ornaments from windows in your RV so people driving by can see them. This year we’ve seen a lot of LED lit ornaments. Simply switch the button to on and they light up. They’re battery powered and should last a while since LEDs are so energy efficient.


The grill of your motorhome or door to your fifth wheel is the perfect place for decorating, as you can hang a wreath or a cute reindeer nose. Command hooks are pretty useful for this and should be OK to use on your RV. Double check with 3M to make sure.


Once you’re at the RV park you can set up some holiday inflatables – like Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph. Inflatables are the easiest option because they pack much more conveniently than traditional plastic decorations.

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