Cut Costs On Your Next RV Vacation

moneyRVing by nature is an affordable way for families to take vacations together. In fact RV vacations are typically 40-50% more affordable than traditional vacations, even when you factor in the cost of ownership. More often than not the most costly part of RVing is the cost of gas, and while you can’t control that, you can control what you spend on other costs.

With spring camping just around the corner, we put together a list of money saving tips to help you plan your next vacation and save money!

How to Cut Costs on Your Next RV Vacation

Never Pass Up Visitor Centers | Visitor centers provide more than just a place to get out and walk around. They offer a ton of free information and oftentimes can connect you with low cost local attractions and also provide coupons to save money on food and activities.

Drive Slower | You probably know this, but like many have likely never tried it because of eagerness to reach your destination. When you drive the speed limit (or 5mph below) you lessen the amount of wind resistance against your RV and tow vehicle and ultimately improve gas mileage. Better gas mileage saves money. Even if you improve it by 1-2MPG, over the course of a long road trip you’ll save a ton of money!

Rely on Free Wi-Fi | Many rest areas, gas stations, cafes, and even McDonald’s have free wi-fi. These signals are not just free, but also typically more reliable than ¬†what your phone would get (especially if you’re in a low signal area). If you choose to rely on free wi-fi you’ll likely be able to decrease your phone’s data package, which can save money both on the road and when you’re at home.

Camp Longer | Campgrounds will typically give multiple day discounts to RVers. This is because it promises them payment and also decreases the amount of work they have to do when flipping a camping spot (getting it ready for new campers). This is a great option if you find a campground that you really love.

Try Regional Foods | If you plan on eating out try checking out local cafes and restaurants that sell regional specialty foods. From pasties in Michigan’s upper peninsula to red snapper in Florida, you’ll get the chance to try unique foods and save money on food costs. Another great way to save money is to buy from local farmer’s markets and cook using foods that are considered “in season.”

Most people are looking for ways to save money when they’re traveling. These are just a few ideas that can put more money in your pocket to make your next vacation affordable. How do you save money while RVing?

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