Class A Buying Guide

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There are many types of RVs made to fit every sort of RVing lifestyle. One of the go-to forms of RVs is the motorhome. Within motorhomes, there are subtypes such as Class A, B, and C. We are going to dive right into what makes Class A so special and all the advantages they have on other types of motorhomes!

What You Need to Know About Class A Motorhomes

Class As are what people imagine first when thinking of RVs. They resemble a home more than a camper due to their size. And because of this, they have become one of the most popular forms of RV in the United States! So what makes a motorhome Class A?

The Class A motorhome resembles a public transit bus: long, rectangular, and flat-nosed. They don’t just look like buses, they are built like them as well. This is because they are built on actual bus chassis. Class As often have a large front window area for excellent vision on the road.

Class A motorhomes may commonly be referred to as coaches or luxury coaches depending on the amenities. They may use regular gasoline, but many often use diesel fuel. Large Class As that use diesel are known as diesel pushers.

Advantages of Class A Motorhomes

As we have stated, Class As are one of the most popular choices of motorhomes in the United States, and there’s a reason for that. Class A motorhomes offer unique advantages that appeal to many people.


There is no other way to put it – Class A motorhomes are behemoths. Some models can run all the way up to 50 feet from front to back. The superior length and interior space is not the only advantage of Class A motorhomes! Many Class As sport slide-outs that help maximize the space even more! Class A motorhomes can sleep several people, up to a dozen on some models, and offer other features such as abundant space and king size beds.

Option and Feature Rich

Because they are so popular and large, Class A motorhomes offer the most in terms of customization and features. Popular features include entertainment systems, kitchens with plenty of storage or full bathrooms. If you want the most lavish lifestyle on the road, Class As are the right choice!

What You Can Expect from a Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes are among the most popular, so expect variety in selection. 

  • High-End and High-Price: Class As can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to a few million dollars. Class A is the most luxurious and spacious of the motorhomes. 
  • Size: Class A is the largest type of motorhome, and they come in several sizes. 
  • Diesel or Gas: Most Class A motorhomes run on diesel fuel, but smaller models might run on gas. 
  • Full-Sized Everything: Space isn’t as scarce on a Class A motorhome as it is on other motorhomes so that you can expect full-sized kitchens, showers, sleeping quarters, dining quarters, and more. 
  • Most-Customizable: Class A motorhomes are the most customizable of three types. When there’s more room – there are more options. 
  • Sleeps 4 to 12: If you need a lot of room for a lot of people, you need a Class A motorhome.

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