Choosing RV Over Airline and Hotel

Riverside and Lakeside RV Camping in Montana


Choosing the RV Life Over Airline and Hotel Travel!

Many people have been abandoning travel that includes flights and hotels, and are planning RV trips. Most all of us have been getting fresh air through our neighborhood walks, but getting out to Montana’s parks and wilderness is much more relaxing and rewarding. And what better time to go out than now? Spring has finally arrived in our beautiful state, campgrounds are opening, and Forbes has proclaimed 2020 as “the year of RV travel.” 


Our team at Bretz RV and Marine has prepared a list of top gems to consider traveling to. Experience the great outdoors at its finest! Take a look at this list;

  1. Choose your favorite location
  2. Schedule a service appointment with our team at Bretz RV and Marine to make sure your RV is ready for summer camping
  3. Pack the RV
  4. Get out on the road! 

Montana State Parks

Montana’s state parks are hailed for their truly breathtaking beauty and access to great recreational sporting, especially fishing. These heavenly places are some of the greatest natural treasures around. People will be swarming Glacier National Park once it is open for the season, so we have created a list of jaw-dropping state parks throughout Western Montana, just for you! As we say, “get lost in Montana,” without the crowds. State park campsites can be reserved, and you’ll find plenty of water recreation activities such as fishing, swimming and boating. Additionally, you can often expect RV hookups and picnic areas.

Lake Mary Ronan State Park

Mainly known for legendary fishing, Lake Mary Ronan State Park is just a couple miles west of Flathead Lake. The park offers just as much in terms of hiking and camping, with a lot less traffic. If this picturesque park has piqued your interest, you can check seasonal hours, amenities and more here.


Thompson Chain of Lakes + Logan State Park

How does having boat access to 18 pristine glacial lakes strung closely together sound to you? The Thompson Chain of Lakes offers nearly 3,000 acres of superb fishing, camping, boating, and hiking. Logan State Park is a family-fun hotspot – everyone will enjoy this beautiful lake! If interested, you can check for more information here.

Thompson Falls State Park

Calling the Clark Fork Valley quiet and relaxing is an understatement. Within just a short walk from your campground, you can experience the wonderfully scenic Clark Fork River. Thompson Falls State Park also boasts a family fishing pond along with some amazing bird-watching areas. You can also check online here for more information.

Camping at Fishing Access Sites

Here’s a fun little tip for you: many fishing access sites sport camping spots! However, these sites are first-come-first-serve, so make sure you have alternate options in mind. Given the choice, we still recommend State Park Campgrounds as fishing access sites typically don’t have RV hookups. However, if you are fine with dry-camping, these spots are amazing for the angler looking to get away.


Harpers Lake

You can always venture along the beautiful Clearwater River and camp at Harpers Lake or neighboring Blanchard Lake. Both are close to the road and offer easy access. Harpers Lake sports 14 campsites along with a gravel boat launch. You can learn more about Harper’s Lake here.

Island Lake

One of Montana’s newly developed fishing access sites is Island Lake. The lake has greatly enhanced the fishing opportunities between Libby and Kalispell. Keep in mind that the number of campsites is limited. Island lake features boating access, as well. Learn more here.


Upsata Lake

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex and its rolling prairie hills from Upsata Lake! Again, keep in mind that this is a fishing access site, so there are no hookups. There are six campsites along with a gravel boat launch in the area. You can learn more here.


Fishing Access Sites along the Blackfoot River Corridor

If you have ever read the book “A River Runs Through it” or seen the 1992 film, then you have probably heard of the Blackfoot River Corridor. When reserving a campsite, keep in mind that the 26 mile corridor is one of Montana’s most popular locations. The area boasts some of Montana’s premier trout fishing spots. Additionally, the Blackfoot River features prime rafting, including whitewater rafting. The river’s outstanding natural resources, incredible scenery, and multitude of recreational opportunities all contribute to its popularity. Fishing, whitewater rafting, recreational floating, inner-tubing, camping, swimming, or simply relaxing are some of the incredible activities that can be enjoyed on the Blackfoot.

Russell Gates

The Russell Gates can be easily reached by taking MT 200. This popular river access site is perfect for boaters or for an RV pit-stop. The river is also great for rafting, as there are many spots to take out along the river. About a dozen campsites and a boat launch are here, as well. Learn more about Russell Gates here.

Ninemile Prairie

If you are looking to avoid some of the rougher water along the Blackfoot River Corridor, then consider Ninemile Prairie. Fly fishing opportunities abound, and the forest is dotted with beautiful western larch. Find out more by clicking here.

Main Blackfoot River


The farther upstream you go, the more solitude you will find along the Blackfoot River. Up the river from Russell Gates, you’ll find the following Western Montana gems:


Harry Morgan

The Harry Morgan Access near the town of Ovando is another amazing fishing spot along the river. It’s not only a great spot for wading anglers to jump in the water, but you can also put in your boat and float the last 2 miles of the North Fork. This is a great rustic overnight camping experience on the edge of crystal-clear Blackfoot waters. The area features 3 campsites, along with a gravel boat launch. Learn more here.

River Junction

Set up camp at River Junction for access to one very spectacular stretch of the famous Blackfoot River. There is a campground and boat launch site on the south side of the river, and this is a good choice for fishermen who want to forgo the North Fork and concentrate on larger waters. Amenities include six campsites and a primitive boat launch. Learn more about River Junction Fishing Access here.


Now is the perfect time to take a trip in your RV and get out of the house. No need to worry about people as these are lesser-known spots that still offer just as much! Get out there and experience all that Montana has to offer!



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