Boating Tips for Novices

Boating Tips for Novices


The weather is starting to heat up so that means it’s boating season! Many of us want to get out on the water and learn how to boat, so here are some great boating tips for novices! 


Keep Safe


Boating is usually a low-risk activity, but like a lot of things, accidents can happen. Make sure you pay attention when you take your boating safety course to ensure you are prepared if something does occur. If there is an accident or injury, make sure to take the proper steps! 


Check the Weather


Picking when to embark on your boating journey is important, especially when the weather is a factor. If there are strong winds or thunderstorms on the forecast, it is best to stay at home. Check out the Weather Safety Tips for Boaters to stay informed on what makes good boating conditions. 


Walk Before You Run


Ease into the boating lifestyle by taking short trips that you feel comfortable with. Building on these shorter trips will allow you to take longer ones in the future. Doing these trips will also help you figure out what you need to bring on the journey as well as how much. 


Life Jackets!


Life jackets are a necessity when boating. Pick out onces that comfortable and effective as these can truly be lifesavers. Be comfortable putting them on in a quick manner and have those on the boat be able to put them on as well. 


Slow Down for Waves


If you plan on boating somewhere where there is a potential for waves, be prepared to slow down for them. Wave impacts are often worse for the passengers than the captain, so have everyone be prepared. If you have a wave coming, pull back on the throttle, before the wave hits. 


Get the Whole Crew Involved


Boating naturally brings about teamwork, so get everyone involved! Kids and other crew members can be given small jobs that will help make your life easier. These tasks will also keep them occupied and not bored. With everyone doing their part, the adventure is sure to be a success!


Remember to Have Fun!


Boating is a fantastic activity that brings a ton of fun. Make sure to enjoy your time out here, whether you’re with friends or family. Also, remember your boating etiquette and wave to those passing by boaters! 


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