Boating Tips and Tricks for All Boaters

Boating Tips

There are life hacks for just about everything, and boating is no exception!  We compiled a list of pretty handy boating tips that may make your life easier before, during and after your boating adventure.  You’ll note just how simple and affordable these particular boating tips are…

Boating Tips for Boat Lovers

  • Morning dew is distilled water – wipe off your boat with it, and it will be spot-free
  • Vinegar works as an alternative to bleach – it kills mold – apply with a spray bottle
  • Oven cleaner spray will remove paint and adhesive residue from gelcoat without damaging it
  • Free play in hydraulic steering can often be eliminated by simply adding fluid to the helm pump.
  • Liquid dish soap applied to carpeted trailer bunks will help the boat slide off more easily at a shallow ramp.
  • Tow tip: Wipe your boat down with liquid soap before a long haul to make bugs and grit easy to remove once you arrive.
  • To prevent your dinghy from banging the platform and keeping you awake all night, tie a bucket on its painter halfway between boat and dinghy. That way, it will lie to the bucket, not to the boat.
  • Masking tape will help prevent chipping when drilling holes in fiberglass.
  • Rigging redux: Coating cables with baby powder makes them easier to pull through the boat.
  • A wet towel, folded and doubled, can be placed under a cooler to keep it from sliding around.
  • Is glare at the helm impairing your visibility? Place a dark towel or shirt under the windshield.
  • Create a loop at wiring connections with a tie-wrap to prevent inadvertent pulls on the wire from disabling the equipment.
  • Check the operation of a fume detector by holding an unlit butane lighter under the sensor and depressing the lighter’s valve.

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